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  1. Skittlesttr75

    From white to black...what is my Betta?

    Obviously the breeder or seller (local fish store) was incorrect when labeling him as Platinum White. He had tiny streaks of black in his tail and a red dot on his head, but the rest was white / cellophane. Now he's mostly black. Pics are from mid-August through this week (some white light...
  2. Skittlesttr75

    Red Strings In Substrate?

    I am in-fish cycling for the first time. This area with the red/brown "strings" was recently covered by a white cloud (see pic with blue gravel that looks out of focus, but it is this white stuff) over the substrate and now it's this. I first thought it was black worms that survived a month, but...
  3. Skittlesttr75

    Freeze Dried Plankton & Baby Shrimp

    I currently give Lenny freeze dried Brine Shrimp (cubes) and freeze dried blood worms. He will eat the shrimp pre-soaked but not the worms for some reason. I was looking at more variety and I found these two. Instead of cubes of compacted shrimp parts, they're actual shrimp. The plankton is...
  4. Skittlesttr75

    Should I soak flakes?

    Okay, really silly question here, do I soak flakes? I currently feed my boy pellets and I pre-soak the Hikari, but he keeps spitting them out so I am going to try flakes.
  5. Skittlesttr75

    New Betta / Aquarium Owner

    1. I brought Lenny home last night and was told Lenny is a Platinum White. He has black on his tail fin, missing scales on dorsal line / around his face and a red spot on his forehead. I'm not a breeder or show them, so these "imperfections" just make him more special to me. However, does...
  6. Skittlesttr75

    8 Gallon Aquarium Algae Tank Mates for Betta & ADF

    First, I know this is a small tank, but it's the only space that I have right now (sits on my desk), plus they say it is more difficult upkeep on a smaller tank, so I know if I can keep this one safe, then I would feel more comfortable with a larger tank when I have room for one. It is taller...
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