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  1. Quiche

    Is buying used worth it?

    One just happened during March, I believe - just missed it! Petco's dollar per gallon sale runs 4 times a year, roughly corresponding to the seasons. For the past few years, there's always been one in December or January, March, June or July, and September. Lately, though, they've switched to...
  2. Quiche

    Theoretical assimilation question- bettas

    Haha, I've been there before! Typed out a whole well-organized essay on your area of expertise only to get sniped by some dude engaging in wild speculation. My apologies, I feel the pain XD Though I'm not OP, I'm curious about a couple of things you mentioned - Does "how they were raised" mean...
  3. Quiche

    Theoretical assimilation question- bettas

    I've admittedly only had one betta before, but here's my two (uneducated) cents: I don't know if color would matter - how would the betta know what color it is? Then again, a neon tetra would likely refuse to school with ember tetras, even though they're the same size/shape. You raise a lot of...
  4. Quiche

    Large, shallow tanks. Buy? Build?

    No idea how to build one, but the most famous large, shallow tank is probably the Zoomed lowboy. 50 Gallon Low Boy™ Breeder Flat Aquarium | Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. Looks like it's assembled in the USA, so it'll probably be rather expensive in the UK. Zoo Med Low Boy Terrarium with LID...
  5. Quiche

    Axolotl Paludarium

    Paludariums are sick! Less than 1% of axolotls morph, though - I've raised around 85 from egg and only one ever did, and that one had a...troubled past. It's a bit of a long story so I'll spare you the details, but one factor may have been that he lost and regrew 75% of his tail in his youth...
  6. Quiche

    The Quiche Niche: Fish, axolotls, & more!

    I'm back! School's been getting rather busy, so I haven't had much time to post or read Fishlore :\ I've been grinding for an assortment of standardized tests lately, but mostly the SAT - wish me luck next week! Anyways, I went three weeks between water changes at one point, algae covered up the...
  7. Quiche

    What Kind of Fish Do You Simply Not Understand Why People Keep?

    Just my two cents - I think GloFish are actually a net good. Their only "crime" is being incredibly gaudy - far from the worst! But it offers a humane alternative to those who might've otherwise gotten a dyed fish. I don't see how they're different from brightly colored bettas, as both are...
  8. Quiche

    Is travertine safe for aquariums?

    Probably not, based on what the Wikipedia page says. Since it's a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, it'll definitely raise pH - limestone's notorious for it's water hardening properties. Also, I'd be a bit concerned about metal contamination, depending on what dissolved minerals...
  9. Quiche

    How does ph work

    I'm in AP Chem right now and we're actually learning this! I can't say anything about beneficial bacteria but I can give a quick overview. I don't know how familiar you are with chemistry already so let me know if you want me to elaborate on anything! Or you might already know a lot of this, but...
  10. Quiche

    Super Bowls! Possible spoilers!

    I don't watch the Superbowl, but I'm glad there's something out there that's going to make a lot of folks happy in these trying times! I'm doing water changes today, so I suppose we can chalk that up to a Superbowl celebration for the fish? Also, when I clicked on this thread, I thought it was...
  11. Quiche

    Siamese Algae Eater losing black stripe

    Is this right after you turn on the tank lights for the day? I don't understand the science behind it, but my fish "dull" their colors when it's dark. Immediately after turning on the lights they look washed out, but after half an hour of so their colors noticeably brighten up. I guess you could...
  12. Quiche

    Cooling Fans

    Hey! You're spot on, cooling by evaporation is going to be significantly less with a lid. The humidity will be too high to for it to be effective, and in those hotter months, you're going to want all the evaporation you can get, especially because fans aren't that great at cooling anyways...
  13. Quiche

    Golden mystery has turned orange

    Well, that's a new one! If she started out a very light translucent yellow, is it possible that she somehow "flushed" the same way that a blush works in humans, or ammonia burns in fish? It really does almost look like her skin became redder underneath the shell. I'll be following this thread...
  14. Quiche

    That was unexpected

    Nice! We're supposed to be getting a few inches up here in Chicago too, wonder if it's the same storm. But man, am I growing increasingly concerned about this thread...
  15. Quiche

    Help Me Choose Between Two Aquascapes

    I like sketch #2 better. Large coldwater tanks are a rarity compared to tanks like #1, and I'd be interested in seeing a crypt paradise. I agree with veggiesharks too, #2 would look even cooler. But you said it's smack dab in the middle of a living space, and aesthetics matter? In that case, I...
  16. Quiche

    Dumb question but I’m curious

    I assume some fish have eaten ice in the form of a not fully defrosted bloodworm or something...if it's small enough for them to eat, though, it'd probably melt fast enough not to be a real issue. P.S. A photo of AggressiveAquatic's flowerhorn in the near future
  17. Quiche

    Anacharis Ferts

    Anacharis is mainly a water column feeder - most people have success growing it as a floating plant, no extra ferts needed. However, if your plant seems to be deficient due to low stocking, you could try using a liquid fert, but it shouldn't be necessary.
  18. Quiche

    Betta Sorority

    Hey, welcome to Fishlore! First off, try not to get overwhelmed. It's tough to start off on the wrong foot and have to fix it all, especially when you don't have the funds to - trust me, you're not the only one! You're doing your best now, and I think that counts for something. What folks mean...
  19. Quiche

    Strange 3-inch "cloudywall" forming around the tank

    Haha, don't worry too much about it! I had this problem too and it took me a bit to figure out what was going on. You'll notice that the line is at around the same level that you drained the water to during your WC. What's happening is that while doing the WC, you're kicking up little "dust"...
  20. Quiche

    Is there any light weight substrate for shrimp tank?

    Mate, come on...if you know it's a bad idea, why do it? Unless this is an unnaturally sturdy folding table, the chance of it breaking is way, way too high for this to be a good idea. Heck, just cut out the middle man and put it on the floor, if you really want a tank but have nowhere to put it...
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