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    Help identifying african cichlid

    Hi all :) Was hoping to get some help identifying what kind of cichlid i have. He is a male for sure, but he looks so different at times. He sometimes has dark stripes, other times he’s more solid colored. The striped picture is from a few weeks ago, so he has obviously grown, but that is what...
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    Stocking Mbuna in a 40 gallon

    Hi all :) I currently have a 40 gallon breeder with 9 mbuna in it. Here’s what i have right now: 1 kenyi 1 johanni 2 yellow fin mbamba 1 yellow tail acei 1 yellow lab 1 chewre 1 jewel spot & then 1 that i’m not quite sure what he is They are all juveniles, the biggest one is the johanni who is...
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    Possible black spot disease?

    hi! i was hoping to get some advice/answers/help with this guy. I recently ordered this yellow fin mbamba from an online cichlid shop. Once I got him situated in my take i noticed he had black spots on his face and body. i immediately took him out and put him in a quarantine tank, where i kept...
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    Tankmates for my cichlids

    hi everyone! I’m relatively new to owning African cichlids, but i really want to learn more about them! Right now, I have a 55 gal tank with 1 kenyi, 1 demasoni, 1 johanni, 1 yellow lab, 1 cichlid that i’m not sure what he is, 1 red tail black shark, and 3 synodontis catfish. My tank has about...
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    Confusion on cichlid tankmates

    Hi all! I’m new here and i’m excited to learn more about African Cichlids :) I recently become the owner of some cichlids and their tank mates due to a friend not being able to give them a proper size tank. Right now, I have a 55 Gal tank with 4 african cichlids, 1 red tail shark, and 2...
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