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    Eheim Jager 100W Right for Me?

    Thinking about getting the 100W Eheim Jager for my outdoor tub, 15G. Is it suitable for the outside or is the 100W a bit too much? Should there also be a concern with mounting it on a non-glass surface, like the plastic of storage totes?
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    Cherry Shrimp Swimmerets Turning White?

    So my cherry shrimps’ swimmerets are turning a white color, when usually they are clear. This morning I found one shrimp dead near the filter. A couple things to note: - I did a large water change (~90%) due to the fact I was doing a re-haul of my tank. - Drip acclimated for 1.5 hours I’m...
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    Should I still use this heater?

    Ok this sounds pretty dumb but hear me out. I was doing a rescape on one of my tanks. I decided that I wanted to take out the aquarium heater so it wouldn’t be in the way. I unplugged it before taking it out, but immediately after I unplugged it, I brought the heater out of the water and it...
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    Ideas for Getting Rid of Algae in Outdoor Tub

    My outdoor tubs have been getting an absolute algae explosion this summer. Green algae everywhere (probably some sort of hair algae), like on my plants, substrate, walls, filters. It doesn’t really effect any of the chemistry in the tubs, except for maybe plant growth, but it’s super ugly. Any...
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    Cloudy/Bulging Eye in Betta???

    So I have this female veiltail betta and she seems to have a cloudy/ bulging eye. It’s only one eye and the other eye is completely fine. I’m assuming it’s an injury, probably from bumping into her feeding cup when she chases and eats my leftover guppy fry. I don’t really have anything sharp or...
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    Algae ID

    Dunno what this stuff is. The photo below is some sort of green algae coating my Pothos root. Also, this stuff is on the glass and starting to take root on the substrate. It’s basically everywhere. What is this?
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    0 Nitrates and Water Changes Slowing Plant Growth???

    I’m pretty new to this plant and aquarium thing so bear with me. I do weekly 50% water changes on my 20G mostly because of my high bio load (just a lot of guppies and fry). The plants I have at the moment are guppy grass, water wisteria, salvinia minima, frogbit, Amazon swords, Anubias nana, and...
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    Cherry Shrimp Feeding?

    So I have 3 cherry shrimp right now in a 15G (planning to get more). I have been placing a slice of cucumber every other day to see if they would eat it, but they won’t even touch it. I’m pretty sure they probably don’t like it but I’m worried that they aren’t “eating”. I see them picking at the...
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