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    Annubia leaves turning brown?

    Hi all, does someone know what's causing my annubia leaves to turn brown? Tank temperature is 26 degrees C and I've never added fertiliser. Lights on about 8 hours a day. Thanks
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    Bolivian ram compatibility?

    Hi all, in my 23 gallon tank I currently have : 10 cardinal tetras 1 thick lip gourami 2 guppies I'd really like to buy a male Bolivian ram to complete my tank but I don't want to disrupt the peaceful community. Has anyone had any success housing a Bolivian ram with the above tank mates? I had...
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    Frozen brine shrimp question

    Hi All, i have 10 cardinal tetras, 2 guppies and a thick lip gourami. I feed them half a frozen brine shrimp cube twice a week as part of my dry food rotation. My question is, is half a cube too much for the amount of fish I have? They seem to eat it all un about 5 minutes but the tetras bellies...
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    GBR chasing cardinal tetras?

    Hi all, I have had a female GBR with 10 cardinal tertras for a couple of months now, and they have gotten along very well. But today I noticed the GBR chasing the cardinals around all day. Do you think something is wrong or that she is hungry and that's why? Should I take any action? She also...
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    Kuhli Loach Questions

    Hi All, I have a 23 gal community tank and I was thinking of getting 6 Kuhli loaches soon, but before I do I wanted to ask a few questions please: (1) I have a smooth gravel substrate, will they be happy on this as I read they need sand? (2) Currently have 1 gourami, 1 german blue ram, 2 guppies...
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    Male or female Krib?

    Hi all, can someone please help me determine if male or female? Thanks
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    Am I over stocked?

    Hi all, just wanted to get your opinion in whether or not I'm over stocked or not. I have a 23 gallon tank with the following : 1 German blue ram 1 thick lip gourami 2 guppies 10 cardinal tetras 6 emperor blue tetras Thanks!
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    First time guppy keeper question

    Hi All, I have had a male and female guppy pair for a couple of weeks now. The female was already pregnant from the shop and looks pretty close now. I wasn't aware of the ideal 2:1 or 3:1 female to male ratio until last night. Has anyone had a good experience with keeping just the M/F pair of...
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    Ram / Gourami Stocking Question

    Hi All, I'm a bit stuck on the final couple of fish to complete my 23 gal community aquarium, any advice would be appreciated. My ph is 6.8, temp is 80. I currently have 10 cardinal tetras, 2 guppies, a female GBR and a thick lip gourami. I had Bolivian RAM until a few days ago but I returned...
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    Male or female GBR?

    Hi all, i think my my GBR is female, do you agree? Thanks!
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    Stocking ideas for 23 gal tank

    Hi all, a bit stuck on how to complete my community with compatible mates. Water is ph 6.8 @ 80 deg. Currently have 10 cardinal tetras, 1 German blue ram, 1 thick lip gourami and 2 guppies. I had to return a Bolivian ram yesterday as it started bullying the gourami. Thanks
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    Minimum number of kuhli loaches?

    Hi All, just wondering from your experience what the minimum number of kuhli loaches to keep should be? I would like them to be comfortable enough to come out of hiding and be happy in their group. I'd like to only get 3 ideally since I've only got a 23 gallon tank and it's nearly at capacity...
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    Stocking advice for 23 gallon tank

    Hi All, I have a 23 gallon freshwater tank. PH=6.8, GH =71ppm, temp 80.6 degrees. I currently have: 10 cardinal tetras 1 German blue ram 1 Bolivian ram 2 guppies 1 thick lip gourami. Do you think I am at max capacity for my tank? If not can you please suggest any peaceful community fish that...
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    Brown growth on Driftwood

    Hi All, I've had a piece of gold vine in my freshwater tank for a couple of months now. Below is a photo of what it looked like on the first day, and another photo if how it looks now. It's completely covered in some brown growth that comes back the day after scrubbing it off. It's really...
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    Honey Gourami Fins?

    Hi all, just bought a honey gourami but it looks a bit different to all the photos on this forum. Is it just because it's a young one maybe? I noticed mine doesn't have much of a top fin and there's a semi circle cut out in the lower fin and its tail. Is this normal and if it's a nip do you...
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    Cardinal Tetra PH

    Hi All, I finished cycling my tank last Friday after nearly 2 months. The day after I bought 10 Cardinal Tetras. I just read not to start a tank with cardinal tetras but too late now :( I bought them from a good fish shop, and I think they are wild caught. The PH of the shop tank was 6.8, and I...
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    Driftwood fungus or algae?

    Hi all, have been cycling my new freshwater tank for about 6 weeks. My driftwood looks like this now. I know the white stuff is a fungus that will go away one day but does anyone know what the brown stuff is? Is it also a fungus that will go away ir some type of recurring algae that I'm stuck...
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    Air stone position and bubbles question

    Hi All, Just wondering if the air stone should be positioned as close to the gravel as possible to increase aeration, or should it be closer to the surface? Also, are air stones that produce small bubbles more effective than large bubbles? Thanks!
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    Black and White slime on Driftwood

    Hello All, I'm currently 5 weeks into a fishless cycle of my 23gal freshwater tank. I have a piece of Spiderwood (Gold vine). The driftwood was bought from a shop. I also have a couple of java ferns, an Anubia and some java moss attached. For a while I have noticed a lot of white fungus growing...
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    Prime / Stability / Cycling Questions

    Hello all, a bit new to all this so any advice would be appreciated. 2 weeks ago I bought a bottle of Prime and Stability to cycle my new tank. For the first week I added Stability as indicated on the bottle. I didn't add any additional ammonia source except for plants. A week later I went to my...
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