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    African Peacock Cichlid Bloating

    I have about 30 African peacock cichlids in a 20 gallon tank there are a few months old everything seems to be normal except one fish has really ballooned up in the last couple days. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem ?
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    Cichlid Flashing

    I have 40 gallon breeder with about 40 cichlids that are 4 months old 1 to 2 inches. The fish started flashing a few days ago and staying on the bottom or near the glass and not moving much. Very abnormal. I had 3 die so I did a 50% water change two days in a row. They look healthy but are still...
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    Cichlid Bloat

    I have a full grown female cichlid and her stomach seems to be growing. She is not acting strange and eating normally. The other fish seem to be fine. I do a 30% water change once a week. I'm trying to understand if the increase in the stomach is a problem.
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    Cichlid Female changing to a Male

    I have a 65-gallon tall breeder tank Six African Peacock adult females I have rotated different males into the tank over the last year to breed I gave the females a break for the last month I moved a young male into the tank about 10 months old ~4 inches The male is smaller than the largest...
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    High Nitrate

    I have 0 levels of Ammonia and 0 Nitrite levels. My Nitrate level appears to be over 100ppm. Not sure what that means. Any advice? The tanks is 30 gallons with about 60 Cichlid fry, less than 6 weeks old.
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    Cichlid Breeding

    I have a female that is holding so I started to strip the fry and I was little premature, I had five of the fryer came out but they still had their egg sacks. They needed some help to survive so I put them in an egg tumbler. Everything looked good and 5 days later they were swimming at the top...
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    Cichlid Flashing

    I recently added five small cichlids to my 55 gal tank. Within a couple days about half of them start flashing. It is very constant they were flashing on the rocks and the substrate, then they all start swimming at the top like they're starving for oxygen. I lowered the water level i have a...
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    Cichlid type

    I was at my local Petco and they have this cichlid in the cichlid tank. Can anybody tell me what kind of cichlid this is? Also if it's compatible with Peacocks?
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    Purchase Peacock Cichlids

    Any recommendations where to buy Peacocks online? I've looked at Imperial Tropicals and The Cichlid Shack but they always seem to be sold of the fish I want.
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    Peacocks and Acara Cichlids

    I have a few tanks all African Cichlids mostly Peacocks with a few Mbuna (Electric Yellow). I'm setting up a new 125 gallon I wanted to try South American Cichlids the Electric Blue. The question is can I have the Electric Blue with Peacocks. I live in San Jose, CA and the water is very hard...
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    Aquatop vs SunSun

    The AquaTop and SunSun filters look very similar, are they the same company?
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    Tropeus Duboisi & Peacock

    I'm setting up 125 gallon cichlid tank mostly peacocks and a couple electric yellow mbuna. I like the Tropeus Duboisi cichlid that is black with the white spots but it comes from a different lake in Africa. Does anyone have any experience mixing that with a peacock? I'm wondering if I will have...
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    Nerite Snails Achilles' Heel

    Two Questions: I have Cichlid tanks and just recently bought Nerite Snails to clean the algae. If the snails somehow fall and land face up can they survive, can they turn theme self over? If not how long will the last face up? Is there a general rule of thumb for how many you should have in a...
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    Male Cichlid Behavior

    I have a tank of 15 Cichlids mostly Peacocks in a 55 gallon tank. They are adults at 4 to 5 inches. They move the substrate a lot making huge mounds going all the way to the glass. I know this is mating behavior to make a den but I thought all of my fish are males. There is no mating...
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    What determines the color of African Peacock Cichlids?

    What determines the color of African Peacock Cichlids? I’m breading different kinds of African Peacock Cichlids and can’t determine what produces the color of the offspring, does the mother determine the color more or is it the father. Or does a certain kind of Peacock more dominate over other...
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    Siphon and Backflow Issues with Canister Filter

    I made a canister filter from a 5-gallon bucket with a Gamma Seal Lid. The problem is the Gamma Seal is not watertight as advertised. When the pump loses power the water backflows into the bucket and goes out the seal. I have a similar problem with the siphon side, once the pump stops the...
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