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    Fish health??

    Hey folks, I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank with 2 angels, 4 celebese rainbowfish, 3 diamond tetra, 2 platty, a swordtail, and a bn pleco. I’m here today asking about the perceived health of my fish. Specifically, a couple of my rainbowfish have recently developed rather dark bodies, and my...
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    What size sump tank?

    Hello! New to the saltwater life! I have a new 55 gallon tank currently cycling. As I get further into this, I realize I may not have thought everything through too well. I currently have a canister filter rated for a 100 gallon tank running. I plan to develop this tank into a reef aquarium...
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    Pleco in distress?

    Hello! This weekend I added a small peppermint pleco to my tank. I already had a bn pleco and the tank also consists of 2 angels, 3 diamond tetra, 4 Celebes rainbow fish, and 3 platy. After I added the peppermint pleco, I noticed a few days later some strange markings on the back of my bn. I’ve...
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