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  1. Tigerburp

    What plant is this? (Tall and bulbous)

    What plant is this?
  2. Tigerburp

    Friends new tank,bad set up and stocking?

    So this is my friend new tank I don’t know the size but I think stocking wise it is a disaster am I right? And what else should I tell them to fix
  3. Tigerburp

    Fungal infection not improving, what to do?

    The active ingredients are attached, is this medication safe for use with corys and snails?, it’s for anti fungal
  4. Tigerburp

    Shark adv internal filter good?

    Is it any good and what are some of its cons
  5. Tigerburp

    Fish ID (livebearer?)

    What fish is this, from what I could find it is a swordtail but what breed exactly
  6. Tigerburp

    Lava rock floating

    How do I make it sink
  7. Tigerburp

    55 gallon in Singapore

    Anyone knows where I can get a 55 gallon tank in Singapore?
  8. Tigerburp

    Wounded tiger barb

    I have this tiger barb called “all blacks” he has this circular bloody wound,he lives with 9 other barbs so I suspect one of them but him, how do I treat the wound, will send a photo once I get a decent one Ok got one Update Wound seems to have stopped bleeding
  9. Tigerburp

    My nerite snail out of water

    I just got my horned nerite snail yesterday and he seems to be partially out of water sometimes,is this normal?.would he dry out?
  10. Tigerburp

    My betta tank

    This is my betta Azul
  11. Tigerburp

    My tiger barbss

    What do you think about my tiger barbs any advice is much appreciated ,they are all bred by me , a mix of golden and green tiger barbs
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