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  1. Colbyxxs

    55 Gallon Ich issue help! No idea what to do

    Hey guys, so I’ve had my 55 gallon back up and running for a few months now. I needed to set it back up to house my more peaceful cichlids and a few babies I have. But everything has always been great, it’s been cycled from the start, and never had any issues. I’m pretty experienced with fish...
  2. Colbyxxs

    Arowana tips? Feeding?

    Hey guys, so I just got my first Arowana over the weekend after months and months of research. I had the perfect introduction tank & a forever home after that in my big tank. I just was curious as to what is the best thing to feed them that isn’t live as of right now. Eventually I’ll go to live...
  3. Colbyxxs

    Could someone tell me what this is?

    Hey guys, so I got this cichlids today & decided I wanted him based off just how cool he looked as a baby. He went in my 75 with my other south/Central America cichlids. He was also in the petstores south/central tank. Please help! the lady also didn’t know what he was
  4. Colbyxxs

    How much filtration you could have in a 75

    Hey guys, So I was curious as to how much filtration you could have in a 75. Right now I have a crappy top fin canister filter, my marineland penguin 350, and a dual HOW sponge filter. my media is good in both canister & HOB. But I was curious as to if it’d be too much for them or what. My...
  5. Colbyxxs

    Baby oscar hiding a lot

    Hey guys! so yesterday I just got my first Oscar. I’ve been meaning to get one for a long time & finally felt comfortable enough to get one after getting my 75. I will be upgrading absolutely within the year. But I felt 75 would be a good place to grow up for a few months. Instead of trying to...
  6. Colbyxxs

    New tank! 75 Gallon

    Okay, so I finally upgraded yesterday & set it up today. I ended up with a brand new 75 I got off some guy for $80. I feel like I couldn’t pass that up. I still have the 55, 36, 20 & 10. (See the progression there ). But so far so good. My guys love it. I haven’t introduced my severums yet...
  7. Colbyxxs

    Cichlid care - Update!

    Hi guys! I just wanted to make a post about my Cichlid tank & just how much of a time it has been making sure everything is running smoothly & is healthy for them all. I’ve had these guys for a while now & still have so much to learn. I hear different things regarding water conditions & stuff...
  8. Colbyxxs

    Molly’s pregnant?

    Hey guys, so I’m about 99% sure of this already. But does it look like my mollies are pregnant?
  9. Colbyxxs


    Hey guys, so after a long few weeks, I finally got these readings. Is this cycled?
  10. Colbyxxs

    It’s happening...Mts

    So a few months back I got my first tank in a really long time. A small 5 gallon and a few fish. I learned so much in that time, & continue to learn even more as time goes on. I ended up getting a 20g probably 3 weeks after the 5c and ran with that for a month or so. Eventually, I landed my...
  11. Colbyxxs

    Help! Angelfish hanging at surface & not eating

    Hey guys, so today my Angelfish has been acting really strange & im scared he’s going to pass. He’s been hanging around the surface & he didn’t eat. He seems really out of it & i’m wondering what’s going on. :( please help. I have a 55 Gallon Temp: 79-80 Parameters good
  12. Colbyxxs

    Can I use my sponge filter with Hob?

    Hey guys, so I have this sponge filter that I haven’t used before. I’ve always used hob filters, & I’m really curious about the sponge filters now. Could I use them both? What would be the best bet for me. I have a 55g Penguin 350
  13. Colbyxxs

    Blood-red Parrot Cichlid Gender?

    Hey guys, just was curious if anyone knew what gender my cichlid was. I know it may be too young to tell.
  14. Colbyxxs

    I want to start a new saltwater aquarium

    I want to start a saltwater aquarium in my 20g , but am curious as to other peoples way of doing things. I know of a few different methods. But what’s the best way you guys think? We weren’t thinking of getting anything crazy, just maybe a few clown fish & a few others possible in time. But we...
  15. Colbyxxs

    Guppy with Shimmies

    My guppy is shimmying & I don’t understand why… my condition’s are perfect, he’s been fine since I got him. He has 3 other friends that always are going up to him & checking him. He’ll move if a mollie comes close, but he’s mainly in one spot. Please help. What could the issue be?
  16. Colbyxxs

    Got a new 55 Gallon today, I absolutely love it, now to stock...

    So I got a new 55, & I used all my stuff from the old tank & it’s all set up and ready. So we moved the guys in today & got a few more. Does anyone know what a good recommended amount of fish or groups of fish are allowed ? We have mollies, tetras, platy’s, & a calm rainbow shark. All enjoying...
  17. Colbyxxs

    Mollies at surface day 1

    Hey guys, so I just got these two Dalmatian mollies earlier today & they seemed fine during acclamation. I put them in and they seemed kinda stressed. Usually I give them 24 hours to see how they adjust. My other molly kind of just swam by. The tetras observed. But they really haven’t messed...
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