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  1. J

    Mystery Fry…Any Guesses?

    Sorry for the late response but they look exactly like Hillstream Loach fry! I’ve always wanted some of those, but I’d need another tank….Oh well what’s another tank?
  2. J

    Sexing Sterbai Corydoras

    Does anyone want to hazard a guess of the sexes of my new Sterbai Corydoras? I’m guessing 2 maybe 3 females judging by body width and size and the rest males?
  3. J

    Help Sexing Pearl Gourami

    Thank you everyone! I was leaning towards male
  4. J

    Help Sexing Pearl Gourami

    Hi Everyone! Ive been keeping fish for many years now but never had any Gourami. I purchased a young Pearl Gourmai yesterday and the dorsal fin is throwing me off! It wasn’t sexed in store and I forgot to ask. I’ve done so much searching but as I said that dorsal fin is confusing me. So male...
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