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  1. Cue

    Pregnant tetra?

    Welcome! It would be better in the future to start your own thread, as this is OP’s thread and we don’t want t direct away from their problem. That looks like poo to me though, maybe try feeding some daphnia to help them out.
  2. Cue

    Blackwater: Basics and FAQ

    I have a question: could botanicals be added to a non-blackwater tank? Are magnolia leaves (meant for reptiles) safe to use?
  3. Cue

    What books are you reading?

    I’ve been reading diagnosis lately. Interesting book, I definitely recommend it for anyone who’s fond of how our weird bodies break.
  4. Cue

    BBA scare and more characters because the forum wants it

    That’s great. I’ll dip them and return them to the tank in a few days. Thank you!
  5. Cue

    BBA scare and more characters because the forum wants it

    I got some more Java ferns because, well, my fish like them. After them being in the tank for approximately 4-5 hours, I noticed they have a bit of BBA on them. I immediately removed them and am proceeding to do a full blackout until Monday. Is there anything else I can do to prevent it from...
  6. Cue

    How come we never read about failed fish in cycles??

    Speaking as a student, I’ve successfully completed a fish in cycle (daily water changes/tests) and am currently setting up another tank for science credits. Obviously schedules vary, but it’s absolutely sound advice for someone dedicated to their tanks.
  7. Cue

    Tank size for rainbow shark + rainbow fish + turtle (maybe)?

    Drop the turtle. They’re messy (goldfish level messy), require vastly different care, and will probably eat the fish. If you really want to keep one, keep it separately and do lots and lots of research.
  8. Cue

    Hello everyone!! I'm Tracey

    Welcome! Always feel free to ask questions, we don’t bite!
  9. Cue

    Hi, newbie from Malaysia!

    Welcome! Those are some lovely looking little setups!
  10. Cue

    What type of wood should I get?

    I think manzanita or Malaysian driftwood are both good options!
  11. Cue

    Comfort care for dying betta?

    Clove oil is a sedative and can be used as a humane form of euthanasia. It may be best for him to be put down, dropsy is unfortunately nearly always fatal. Clove oil can also be used as a painkiller, and used with the right doseage may relieve some pain.
  12. Cue

    Fish dying and I’m crying

    could you fill out the emergency template please? it will give us more information on how to help you.
  13. Cue

    Ultra hardy semi-aquatic/aquatic plants for a small pond?

    There’s some native plant nurseries that sell them, you could probably get some shipped to you. Just google “Skunk cabbage plants for sale.” I wish you luck! Sounds like a fun project!
  14. Cue

    Fishstery's MassIve kaiseri newt paludarium!

    Definitely gonna be watching this! I’ve always wanted to try a paludarium, but it’s a bit intimidating (I’m also way to lazy to build a filter.)
  15. Cue

    Ultra hardy semi-aquatic/aquatic plants for a small pond?

    Skunk cabbage are great semi-aquatic plants! It’s native to the U.S and practically unfreezeable (they make their own heat) and can tolerate higher temps. They like being constantly moist, usually in a couple inches of water. The only downside is they smell like, well, skunks; however it’s much...
  16. Cue

    Brown stuff on Dragon stone

    I have some I only rinsed. So far, my gudgeons go in-and-out of the tunnels all the time and they’re completely fine. It hasn’t changed the water at all. You can also drip vinegar on it to be sure it’s inert, if it fizzes it will probably affect some parameter.
  17. Cue

    Will a 1 gallon tank be ok for a snail home?

    A colony of ramshorns snails might be nice. They come in blue, gold, and pink, besides the plain brown. I’m not sure about other snails. They might need more room. I suppose you could put a single nerite, they come in all sorts of nest colors and shapes. Another option are Planaria (not snails)...
  18. Cue

    55 Gallon Tank Help. What type of fish is this???

    Looks like some sort of gudgeon, same head and basic body/fin shape.
  19. Cue

    Do your other pets find your tanks mesmerizing?

    Our bird loves them. Sits on my desk and they all say hi to each other.
  20. Cue

    Peacock gudgeon problems.

    That’s what I thought. I’ll see how they are now, pick up a new girl if I don’t see her by next week.
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