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  1. FernAndJoop

    5 Gallon Tank Fin rot-do I need more salt?

    Hi everyone! I posted a few days back about fin rot on my betta and was advised to begin using aquarium salt and add more tannins. info here On Monday night I started the salt, and put in 2 teaspoons of salt. (using the ratio on the box, 1/2 teaspoon per gallon and slightly below tank size in...
  2. FernAndJoop

    Cheapest possible tank setup?

    I have my one 5.5 gallon with a betta, however recently I've really been wanting to experiment with other kinds of fish, snails, or shrimp (multiple tank syndrome has hit me lol). I have a spot on top of my dresser that would be able to fit a decent sized tank, so I'm thinking something around...
  3. FernAndJoop

    Dream betta fish?

    What is everyone's dream tail type or coloring for a betta? Personally I would love a blue mustard gas, they are just so pretty!
  4. FernAndJoop

    5 Gallon Tank New fin rot started while other fin healing?

    Hello everyone! My betta Joop Joop has long battled fin rot since I got him last year. Some of it is my fault for not being consistent enough with water changes, but he seems particularly prone to it. His caudal (?) fin has made tremendous progress recently but I noticed some pretty fast moving...
  5. FernAndJoop

    Long time lurker, new member!

    Hi everyone! Apologies if I format something wrong, I've never tried to make a post on here before lol. I'm Fern, and I've had my veiltail betta Jupiter (Joop Joop) since February 2020. I don't think he's grown much since then, so he seems to be approaching middle age! After a rough start in a...
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