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  1. tuggythetugboat

    Prime Affecting Nitrite Readings

    Yesterday I was getting 0 nitrite before adding prime and then 0.25 after. Today I just tested and got .25 nitrite and then added prime and got 0. I heard about API not being accurate for Ammonia but not for nitrite. My fish are acting completely fine aswell. Just added them via drip...
  2. tuggythetugboat

    Nitrite in Cycled Tank?

    Hello, My tank has finally cycled and is successfully converting 2ppm ammonia to 0 ammonia and nitrites in 24hrs. I just did a 40% water change with my tap water that had 0 nitrite or ammonia and added some prime. I then tested the water and it says I have 0.25 ppm ammonia and nirite. Is it...
  3. tuggythetugboat

    Neon Tetra Parameters

    Hello, I'm planning on picking up some neon tetras for my 7 Gallon tank. Since they are a schooling fish, would around 6 be good. I'm planning on adding 2-3 Otocinclus aswell. My water stays around 68-70 degrees and my PH goes from 6.6 - 7.4 since I have CO2. Any suggestions?
  4. tuggythetugboat

    Whats happening to my S.Repens

    Half of my TC S.Repens have died and these have been surviving and thriving since I added CO2. Just recently noticed the plants are curling and partially turning brown in some spots. Is this diatoms? I tried removing it to no avail. I've been dosing Seachem Flourish 2 times a week and I have...
  5. tuggythetugboat

    Cant tell how much Nitrites I have

    I've been cycling my take for about 3 weeks now and am at the nitrite stage. I'm not sure how much nitrite I have, does anyone know? What should I do if my nitrite is high? I've done a 50% water change and didn't notice much difference. I also do not have any nitrite in my tap water and am...
  6. tuggythetugboat

    Plant Identification

    Relatively new to the aquatic planting and aquascaping community and I was wondering what plant this is, got it from a LFS.
  7. tuggythetugboat

    Nitrogen Cycle Questions

    Does anyone know or can make an estimate on how long a tank should be at this period for. My tank has been reading the same for about 4 days now. (0.25 ammonia, between 2 & 5 nitrite, and about 30-40 nitrate). How lomg will it take for thr nitrite to be converted to nitrates? It's It's 7G...
  8. tuggythetugboat

    What is this white fuzz and strands?

    I've read elsewhere that the white stands on my stems are actually roots, is this correct? Also it seems that there is white fuzz on my hairgrass, does anyone know what this is and what I could do to get rid of it. The hairgrass seems to be in the phase where some parts die off and new roots &...
  9. tuggythetugboat

    Seiryu Rock PH Increase?

    Hello, I recently picked up some seiryu rock for my 20g tank. Since my water is alkaline at 8.2 ph, will the rock raise the ph any higher? If so how much? Also will weekly water changes keep the PH and KH in order?
  10. tuggythetugboat

    Fish in tank using Prime

    Hello, I'm currently on the 2nd week of cycling my 20g aquarium and am just seeing some nitrites. I was wondering if it's possible to purchase a fish and keep it in a smaller uncycled tank dosing SeaChem Prime every 24 hours and doing water changes every few days until my 20g is cycled. Is this...
  11. tuggythetugboat

    Seachem Prime & Stability

    Hello, I am new to the aquarium hobby. I'm looking to get an axolotl in the near future. I've been told by some breeders that using Seachem stability and prime for a fish in cycle works very well. I will be using a 20 Gallon tank with a sponge filter and media and putting in the fish on the day...
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