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  1. LG2fishtanks

    Growth rate on bristlenose pleco

    what is the normal growth rate for a Bristlenose pleco? I bought a Bristlenose pleco from my lfs three or so weeks ago it has grown about 1 inch or so.
  2. LG2fishtanks

    Treating ich questions 30 gallon tank

    So in my 30g tank, I have spotted a few of my fish (mollies) having small white dots which I presume is ich due to them never having white spots before and I have a BN pleco in the tank should I only do the partial dose of the ich treatment? because it is 3 of my larger ones and they wouldn't be...
  3. LG2fishtanks

    Weird question- male partially blind molly

    I have a male molly that is blind in one eye due to skin grown over it, it has been that way since I got him over seven months ago he was a small dude ( he's like 4 inches now). But that never interfered with anything like he swims, eats, and messes with my females fine. I got the females that I...
  4. LG2fishtanks

    my one female molly

    so I am kinda confused. one of my female mollies is acting weird for the past few days like she can swim fine for the most part I thought she was pregnant but I'm not so sure now and thinking it might be bloating because every once in a while she will swim horizontally this started a few days...
  5. LG2fishtanks

    Shrimp or no Shrimp with my betta?

    so I have a 10-gallon tank which just has a betta. would it be ok for me to add shrimp to it? I am currently still adding some more plants to the tank currently only have a few plants but I'm adding more as I get the money for it. I have had a snail in with my betta previously and he didn't...
  6. LG2fishtanks

    Plant suggestions?

    So I have a 10 gallon tank currently only have 12 water spangles and and anubis plant. I am currently just trying to add more plants to have it more natural tank. I only have a betta in the tank. I am kinda new to using live plant so maybe keep that in mind
  7. LG2fishtanks

    High nitrates in my tank

    I have been having with high nitrates in my 30 gallon aquarium and I was wondering other than doing more frequent water changes what can i do to prevent them from getting high? I do have live plants in the tank the plants are a dwarf waterlily, some hornwort, one or two Mainam Altenanthera...
  8. LG2fishtanks

    Is this normal?

    So my nerite snail fell off a plant into the gravel and it was upside for a few minutes I inspected it and it didn't have any cracks in the shell but it has been over day and it hasn't moved and is like mostly in its shell with only a little bit scrunched up on the outside. So I moved it to...
  9. LG2fishtanks

    Pregnant molly?

    So I'm kinda unsure if it's pregnant what I have been reading online is giving me that it is but I'm not a 100% and also how do I tell the difference between males and female mollies? Two different angles of the same molly
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