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  1. Meeki

    Canadian fishkeepers, help! Can you buy meds from ebay?

    There is this law in Canada that prevents any medication, even meds that don't have antibiotics in them, to be sold unless you have a vet prescription. I am very poor and i cannot afford such a thing. Have you canadian fishkeepers ever tried getting meds from ebay? Does it cross the border? Is...
  2. Meeki

    29 Gallon Tank Help!! Convict gasping for air with very good water!!

    I have a 29 gallon tank with 0 nitrites, 5 nitrates 0 ammonia. Filter is a 50 gallon capacity hob. I have a single baby convict cichlid in it with some plants and activated carbon. I have been advised to put 15 ml aquarium salt in my tank for 3 days, but after the second day, my fish is gasping...
  3. Meeki

    29 Gallon Tank My convict has something above his eye

    My convict is eating, my water parameters are 0.5 ppm nitrates, 0 ppm nitrites and what seems like 0 ppm ammonia (I can't tell if the color is yellow enough but it looks pretty yellow so I'm assuming its 0 ppm). I have not seen him flash or gasp for air. Fins are not clamped. Active. But there...
  4. Meeki

    What is this, white film on wood?

    I'm panicking. This is probably not algae: this looks like mold! There is a white film forming around this piece of wood I bought at a petsmart. I've only been running my tank for three days. How do i make sure my tank is safe? I only have ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, ph, high range ph and...
  5. Meeki

    29 Gallon Tank How can I tell if my tank is cycled?

    The problem I have is that I don't have ammonia to put in my tank. I only have fish food in the form of flakes. I also borrowed someone's filter cartridge that came from their axolotl tank, and i added what seemed to be live bacteria + a substrate that was advertised as having helpful bacteria...
  6. Meeki

    Have you ever gotten salmonella from tank water?

    I,m really scared of diseases like salmonella. I don't have a fish yet, but i borrowed someone's used filter catridge from an axolotl tank to accelerate the cycle. earlier I did a water test, and dumped the test tube water in the toilet. I forgot to disinfect the toilet before going to do my...
  7. Meeki

    29 Gallon Tank My hang on thne back not working help

    I hate this thing. I tried to start it up once but it didn't have water in it. Then i put water in it and it was good, but out of the blue it stopped working. The water was still in it, there was nothing stuck, and everything is plugged in. I know this isn't a problem about electricity because...
  8. Meeki

    29 Gallon Tank Can I keep a convict in my tank

    I will have a heater, a 29 gallon tank and a HOB filter that has the max capacity of 50 gallons (idk what that means yet, I don't have the tank yet, idk if 50 gallons is how much it's able to filter in an hour, but that's probably what that means). Can I keep a convict in there? I would decorate...
  9. Meeki

    A single firemouth in a 29 gallon: is it possible as a first fish?

    My mother dropped exciting news: i will get a 29 gallon aquarium soon! And I've always loved firemouth, and our local pet store has one! Should i get a single firemouth to start off in said tank, or is that cruel/too difficult? It comes with a filter that has the capacity for 50 gallons.
  10. Meeki

    What would be the best wet pet for a 75 gallon? (aside from giant bettas!)

    I've always loves oscars because of their personnalities. I used to work at a pet store, and the first thing I would look forward to in the morning was that one big oscar. It would swim up to me thinking im was about to give it food. Absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, oscars get way too big for...
  11. Meeki

    Insert obligatory ''i'm new here'' post

    Hi! I have always had an interest in fish keeping and I want to get as much information as I can before starting my first tank. I have already done a lot of research before joining this site, but that doesn't mean I can,t learn even more! I love big fish and cichlids. I love firemouth cichlids...
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