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    Want to buy Endlers

    I'm looking to buy Blue Star Endler males or something close in color!
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    Endlers and Tetras

    Does anyone have Endlers and Tetras in a community tank? I have a 20 long and I'm looking to get more fish in there. I currently have 3 endlers, sakura shrimp, and 3 nerites. I have a friend that wants to give me her pleco so I will have that in the future. I'm thinking of getting 3 or 4 more...
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    Two canister filters for two tanks is it possible Pros and Cons

    I've been thinking about this and I'm not sure if it's possible. Please let smarter heads comment below. I feel like if you have two filters there's really no reason to have them do this but I'm curious your guys thoughts. I drew it on a board so you could see what I am talking about. The blue...
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    10G upgrade to 20G Long Build

    This will be lengthy. I will go through what I did to upgrade my 10G to a 20 Long. Prep work: 1. Soaked Ohko (Dragon) stone/new driftwood/Bonzi for over a week in RO water. 2. Rinsed sand and Fluval Stratum in buckets in tap water 3. Boiled new driftwood for an hour to leach out more...
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    Substrate tips and tricks

    I just bought my first 20 long and I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to build height in a tank without buying tons and tons of substrate. Obviously, I don't need to build super high in a 20 long but I only have substrate from my current 10G tank and I bought a new bag of fluval stratum...
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    Having trouble finding Ghost Shrimp

    I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find shrimp in my area. I also don't know what sites are good to buy shrimp from. I rather not spend an arm and a leg but I've been looking and waiting to buy shrimp for a while. Where do yall find your shrimp?
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    Upgrade from 10G to 20G

    My gf said she wanted to get me a 20 G tank for xmas/bday. Does anyone have tips on how to upgrade from 10G to a 20G? I'd like to do it right away without cycling and this is my plan. Please tell me if I'm doing this wrong: 1. I'm going to remove everything out of my 10g tank minus the...
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    Black Algae

    I've had a big bloom of black algae. I've been thinking about getting Amano/ghost shrimp. Would that help get rid of it? I'm considering blacking out my tank. This may be weird but I've also had an infestation of pest snail. I ended up putting a small plant with algae into a container with the...
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    Too many fish?

    I have a 10G tank with 4 Endlers and 3 nerites. How many more fish/inverts am I able to add? I was thinking white clouds and shrimp. I know people live by the 1 inch rule and others have different opinions. Any and all thoughts are appreciated!
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    10 G Stocking

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is safe! I have a 10G tank with 4 endlers (1 died yesterday), 3 Nerites, and an infestation of pond snails. I've wanted to get ghost shrimp for a long time but I'm afraid of overstocking and I'm not sure if I need to deal with the pond snails first. Right now I just pick...
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    Lid ideas?

    Guys I need some help. Just moved my nerites and Blue Star endlers from a 5 to a 10G (woohoo) but now I need a lid. I'm also starting to use my newly bought canister filter(marineland magniflow 220). The problem I have is a lid. I'm tried acrylic (broke trying to score it) and roofing type stuff...
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    Is something wrong?? Sick??

    Hey ive looked at the sick section of the site but didn't entirely find or am sure it's any of the sicknesses listed so I was wondering if anyone has experience. One of my enders has been hanging out at the top and looks bloated...don't see any worms, isn't gulping for air. He just stays in...
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    Just starting out

    Just start this year. New Aquarist here. Just recently got my tank up and running! Tank: 5 gallon TopFin Engage Filter: Seachem Tidal 35 Substrate: Fluval Stratum Light: Finnex FugeRay Clip On Stone: 4 Seiryu Plants: Amazon Sword, Dwarf Cardinals, Anubis Nana moss ball (thought I was going to...
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