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    Isolation for bullied tetras

    hi, i have 10 blue neon tetras and 3 black neon tetras. All about 8 months old. All healthy in my eyes. But 1 blue neon and 1 black neon have always been social outcasts. These two get chased by the others...and spend most time in the corner. The black neon has a S-curved back and a big hump...
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    10 Gallon Tank How much to shake test tube

    Hi, My Chinese test kit (ph, Amonia, Nitrite, Nitrate) doesnot say how long to shake the test tube. So, i been shaking each test tube hard for about 30 seconds for each test. But i just saw Dr Tims video, and i saw he shake each test tube for only about 2 seconds and gently. how long and hard...
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    10 Gallon Tank Heavy mineral concentration, solution?

    Hi i read that having an uncovered fish tank will lead to evaporation and buildup of minerals and metals that can harm your fish (aka old tank syndrome). But i have not read any solution. So if you do encounter OTS and covering the tank is not an option, how do you improve the water...
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    Lighted Hood Falls into tank?

    i was just thinking same thing. i asked the lady at the fish shop about light falling into water. And she was surprised, like that it never occur to her that can happen. We have UK electric standard here. And i not seen any gfci here,in this part of the world.
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    Air pump modify, safe?

    My pump is mini size. So, there's no space to move the coil. I should have bought a normal-size pump instead.
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    Air pump modify, safe?

    Hi I just opened my small airpump to check the diaphram, because this pump seems to have gotten a bit noisier. The diaphram looks perfect. Then, I decided to move the Magnet slightly more away from the Coil (see pic below). With a plier, I bent the metal arm on the diagphram. You can see that...
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    10 Gallon Tank Physic question...surface area of fine vs coarse sponge

    Clogging is no problem, since i have polyfill floss upstream of the sponge. The polyfill will catch all the debris. Lets assume the sponge never clog.
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    10 Gallon Tank Physic question...surface area of fine vs coarse sponge

    Hi i want to add a small piece of sponge into my box filter, to grow more BB in the filter. The question...which has more surface area for the BB to live? Coarse or Fine? p.s. ok...maybe this is not physics question per se, but one of geometry.
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    10 Gallon Tank Newbie, red plant leaf black spots

    no, that is a Gold Balloon Ram.
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    10 Gallon Tank Newbie, red plant leaf black spots

    Hi, Below is my red plants. i dont know the name. it was very red when i got it from the store. now it is barely red. it looks green on one side. The problem is that the older leafs has black spot and are dying. The plant is continuing to grow new leafs, but older leafs are struggling...
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    10 Gallon Tank Very low flow sponge filter

    My frys are always hiding in the corner with the java moss, when the pump is active. But my tank is only 2 gallon. So...
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    10 Gallon Tank Air pump hose sizing

    Hi, i have noticed an annoying problem, which is hose size between Metric and English. Here in East Asia, i buy standard air hose, which is labled 4mm. i noticed some equipment i already have does not fit this hose well--it too tight. Like my air pump, and my corner filter. The nipple on...
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    10 Gallon Tank Very low flow sponge filter

    Hi My Platy is going to have babies. So we prepared a 2-gallon clear plastic box, and we just bought a very small sponge filter (5 cm diameter, 5 cm tall). I put the new sponge filter into my seasoned 10-gal tank to grow benefit bacteria on the sponge. To mimick condition in the baby tank, I...
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    One way valve not necessary?

    i looped the line 10 inches higher. and put air pump as high as i can. is this good enough?
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    10 Gallon Tank How separate dirt from sand?

    it turns out to be real easy with lots of water. the coir-compost mix will floats, while the sand will sinks. so i just stir all up and pour out the water along with the mix. the sand stays in the bucket. i had to repeat several times to have clean sand. i pour the coir-compost-water mix...
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    10 Gallon Tank How separate dirt from sand?

    hi, i am experimenting with dirt as substract. For dirt, i am using mix of coconut coir and organic compost. i capped this mix with 0.5mm sand. problem is i used a plastic container that is not tall enough. i got a taller container now. so i want to separate the mix from the sand, and start...
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    Fish id, and has eggs

    Do these German Blue ram (balloon golden) dig? My undergravel filter just arrived. I dont know if i should install it. i read chiclid like to dig up the gravel which ruin the efficiency of undergravel filter. Do these German Blue ram (balloon golden) dig? My undergravel filter just arrived...
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    Fish id, and has eggs

    Hi what is this fish's name? I bought 4 of these from fish store 2 weeks ago. Also, this morning, one of them laid abunch of eggs in one corner where theres alot of java moss. It is guarding the eggs. My tank is bare bottom. What can I do? Thanks!
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    10 Gallon Tank Heater fully submergeable?

    hi, Can I place my heater lower, so the water cover the power cord and the purple control knob ? The owners manual doesnt say. Theres no mention of "fully submersible". Brand: Aqua One Model: Glass 100 watt
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    10 gallon long circulation

    The fishes all seem to be fine. Some are small and juvenile, like 10 neon tetras and 4 baby guppies. Maybe when they grow bigger, it will be problem. But So far so good. I do replace the floss filter every third day. And remove the poop everyday (bare botton tank). And there are lots of plants.
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