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  1. yoshiii

    Snail unexpectedly in my fish tank

    Hi everyone i was cleaning my tank and i suddenly saw this small snail (?) probably still a baby snail. The thing is, i never bought this snail in the first place. I don’t know where this snail came from. Probably came from the substrate that i bought or maybe plants. I don’t know what to do...
  2. yoshiii

    Betta Back Bent

    Hii so i just got this betta and now hes in the quarantine tank at the moment. I noticed theres a little back bent at the back (?). He is swimming just fine btw. I’m not really sure whether this is normal or worrying can you guys help me out thanks
  3. yoshiii

    Help With Tank Cycling

    Hi so I just started cycling my new betta tank since August 13th and had been adding nitrifying bacterias for 4 days straight now. I wonder how much longer i should wait for the cycle to complete. I also feed my tank regularly to provide the tank with ammonia. I want to know whether this...
  4. yoshiii

    Help Betta Gender

    Hi guys i need some help! Can you guys help me identify this betta’s gender and type as well i really need to know thank you in advance!!
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