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  1. seamonkeything

    Singular cloudy eye in African peacock chiclid

    In my 55 gallon mixed chiclid tank, one of my peacocks developed a cloudy popeye. After a few days, though, the swollen eye receded and looked like just a cloudy eye. Despite the fish seemingly recovering, the eyeball became even less cloudy but it is now as flat as paper. The fish has a huge...
  2. seamonkeything

    Green sunfish tank care

    I know that Leopomis Cyanellus is NOT a chiclid, i am planning to house it in my 55 gallon cichlid tank once it grows to a suitable size. There is no sunfish thread, so i am posting it here. Anyways, right now it is only 1 1/2 inches long and is currently housed in a 3 gallon planted tank. Green...
  3. seamonkeything

    Unusual Tropheus aggression and tank redecoration.

    I have a fully grown male Tropheus Dubousi housed with 4 Psuedotropheus sp., 1 Hemichromis Bimaculatus, 1 female Andinoacara rivulatus, 2 ancistris sp., and a male Polypteris Senegalus in a 55 gallon cube planted tank. All of these fish (including the 2 Chromobotia macracanthus witch will be...
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