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  1. TheFishFella

    My "new" (to me) Retro 70's stainless steel 50 gallon!

    that looks super cool! Never seen anything like that before
  2. TheFishFella

    Massive tear on pearlscale goldfish’s fin

    I ended up removing my gold barbs, I think they were the issue
  3. TheFishFella

    Massive tear on pearlscale goldfish’s fin

    Heyo! So I recently got a pearlscale goldfish and when I first got him he had ich. I started treating for ich (with ich X) when I noticed his back fin was tearing up a bit. I decided to treat him with both ich x and maracyn Oxy just in case it was actually fin rot and not tear. But today I...
  4. TheFishFella

    Help, what is this on my platy?

    Fin damage? Do you think it’s torn fins or fin rot?
  5. TheFishFella

    Help, what is this on my platy?

    Is it stringy? It could be flukes. I’d medicate him for some sort of fungal disease. Maracyn Oxy helps with specific fungal diseases as well as most bacterial diseases. That with a 25% water change for 10 days. I’m not the biggest fish disease expert, and the photo is a little blurry, but...
  6. TheFishFella

    Overgrown hair algae help

    I had a 10 gallon overrun with hair algae, I’m not sure how you would just lower it but this is what I did to get rid of mine. I lowered the intensity of the light as well as the length of light (8 hrs a day). I did a massive 50% water change and took out decorations that I could and rinsed them...
  7. TheFishFella

    Who has the fastest growing comet/common goldfish?

    I’m curious! To everyone to might have a comet/common goldfish (or any really) how fast did it grow? Mine grew nearly 5 inches in 5 months (and still growing)!! Anyone’s fish grow faster than that?
  8. TheFishFella

    Pearl scale with dropsy? Or just normal pearlscale?

    Thanks for the reassurance! (his name is actually golf ball haha)
  9. TheFishFella

    Pearl scale with dropsy? Or just normal pearlscale?

    Hey there! So recently I had just gotten a pealscale goldfish, and I’m quarantining him in a 10 gallon at the moment. As expected he did get some ich, so he’s being treated for that right now. I did notice that his scales look slightly raised, but that could just be the pearl scale look. I was...
  10. TheFishFella

    50 Gallon Tank How many goldfish can I put with two bristlenose plecos?

    Man it’s the worse feeling to see someone buy the pet you were going to get/wanted, hope you find an even cuter one!
  11. TheFishFella

    November 2021 Fish/Plant/Invert/Coral of the Month

    Just recently got my goldfish a new big tank, so I’d thought I’d post a photo of his happy self
  12. TheFishFella

    What kind of moss is this?

    I want to say Java moss but I could be wrong haha. I’m not the best at identifying moss.
  13. TheFishFella

    50 Gallon Tank How many goldfish can I put with two bristlenose plecos?

    What type of goldfish? Comets or fancy? My rule of thumb is if your able to keep ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates at virtually 0 AND have ample room for the goldfish to swim then your good. That really just relies on how many water changes (and how much water during those changes) you want to do.
  14. TheFishFella

    Will my goldfish eat his gravel?

    Heyo! So I have about a 5in. Goldfish that I just introduced to his new tank. I’m using a fine gravel (not as fine as sand but y’know pretty small). I was wondering if he’s gonna eat it?? I know goldfish eat pretty much anything, but he seems to just be sifting through it all.
  15. TheFishFella

    Fishless cycle over a month

    I’m so impatient ahaha, but I’ll wait!!
  16. TheFishFella

    Fishless cycle over a month

    Heyo! I’ve been cycling my 53 gallon tank for about 37 days now, and I don’t believe it’s fully cycled quite yet. At the moment it can cycle 1 ppm ammonia to nitrates in 2 days. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong? Anyone have any tips to move it along faster? I’ll attach a photo of my...
  17. TheFishFella

    10 Gallon Tank Did someone say Betta glow up?

    Woahhh! That’s crazy cool!!
  18. TheFishFella

    Aquasky 900mm lightning settings for 53 G?

    Heyo! I got this aqua sky a while back for my fish tank to help grow some easy plants, but now I’m getting some algae growth on the glass as well as bits of hair algae on my driftwood. I’m not the greatest at lightning for plants, so I kinda just found settings online and copied them. Any tips...
  19. TheFishFella

    Orandas tank in need of water change question

    Totally understand not being able to do things do due mental health issues, as long as you get it done eventually I always say that’s a win in my book!! I know that goldfish are pretty hardy fellas, so it makes since why she has been fine for a month. Of course it’s best to do water changes...
  20. TheFishFella

    Is this a molly or a platy

    Looks like a little platy to me, but I could be wrong
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