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    What do y’all prefer to keep your parameters at, and what text kits do you prefer for the different elements?
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    Rock Cement

    What is the good stuff to use for rock formations as far as epoxy or cement to keep the rocks bonded together? When I did my first two tanks, I used the 2 part epoxy in the tube. This tank is not taking to it for some reason. It doesn’t even almost work. I’ve lost so much in corals due to snails...
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    My Attempt At T5/led Lighting Over My Aquatop 24 Gallon.

    Anybody else do this or is everybody dropping coin for the aquatic life hybrid fixture? It's a girl bulb Elios off of eBay. I think I may get a second dual bulb for the front so I can turn the LEDs down.
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    Controlling Nitrate And Phosphate

    What are some of talks creative or successful strategies to keep them in check?
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    Id Please

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    What Type Of Sps Is This?

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    Carbon Dosing

    I recently started carbon dosing my reef tank with brightwel aquatics potion. I’m interested to see what people use. Ive heard of people using vodka but I really don’t want that In my home. I’ve heard of people using sugar, though a lot less common. And the is that new brand out that is a tad...
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    My attempt at a Nano Tank

    My attempt at a reef build. Starting to lean more for SPS. I love hammers and torches, but my clownfish always kill them. My SPS loves me though.
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    30 Gallon Tank Reeftank Flow

    Do you like high turnover or just to stick to the recommendation from fishstores? I personally like to turn the water over a lot. I've converted everything I can to DC control motors. I'm a huge fan of Jebao. In fact, it would be hard to convince me that a lot of the high price pumps, aren't...
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    30 Gallon Tank 2x Ai Prime Hd And Dual Bulb Ho T5 Ati Coral Plus

    Anybody want to share lighting configuration? Do you prefer LED or T5? MH maybe? I have $450 worth of LED on my 24 gallon display. I'd trade in a second for a 6 bulb ATI T5. I really don't think that LED technology is quite there. I put the T5 fixture up and noticed immediate reaction from...
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    30 Gallon Tank Few Pics

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    New Member

    ship guys! I've been in the Saltwater aquarium hobby for about 8 years. I currently only have one tank. A 18" cube, Aquatop with a separate 7 gallon sump. I run a skimz biopellets reactor, a skimz skimmer, a Aquatop media reactor with phosgard and seagell in it. Also the dual reactor from BRS...
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