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  1. peddidle

    Lost another honey gourami - so sad and frustrating :(

    Thank you for taking the time to make suggestions. I really don't know where the idea that my pH fluctuates came from or that it kept fluctuating even when I took things out of the tank... neither of those things are about my situation. While my pH is alkaline, it is very stable and I won't be...
  2. peddidle

    Lost another honey gourami - so sad and frustrating :(

    I lost another honey gourami today and am at a loss as to why and what to do. I started with 4 honeys about 6 months ago. Two of them have/had thrived and two have/had been a bit slow to mature and grow. A few months back, one of them suddenly showed severe swim bladder issues and died within...
  3. peddidle

    Shell Shock

    How long has he not been moving for? I’ve moved my snails a few times. Sometimes they start moving right away and other times it takes them awhile.
  4. peddidle

    Consistently having stuff build up on my plants etc

    Have you replaced the media at all since your original post? I’m very familiar with the filter you have—what are the steps you take in cleaning it? What are your current water change and feeding schedules, including amounts?
  5. peddidle

    Where to buy stand online?

    I think it's great that some people are able to build their own stands. However, some of us can't for a variety of reasons.
  6. peddidle

    Where to buy stand online?

    Yep, that's exactly the detail I keep coming back to, but I'm pricing them both out for the "hubster" so he can see the cost difference (not that he gets to actually have any say in the matter, though, haha). The other option I'm looking at is a 54g corner ensemble, which has a few points I like...
  7. peddidle

    What is the best filter?

    I have a Seachem Tidal 55 on my 20g tall. At the lowest setting, I find the flow is just the tiniest bit strong for my honey gouramis; perfectly fine for my rasboras, guppy, and amano shrimps. I went with the 55 instead of the 35 because I wanted an intake tube. I would definitely buy this...
  8. peddidle

    Where to buy stand online?

    I've been trying to get a new tank since right around the time COVID hit our area. Because of store closures, shipment delays, etc., I'm still dawdling with trying to figure out how big of a tank to get and whether to buy an ensemble or buy the tank and stand separate (Petsmart hasn't had their...
  9. peddidle

    HELP!!!! Parasite spreading through tank?!?

    How did your lfs determine the problem is parasites? Do you have pictures of the sick fish?
  10. peddidle

    Smallest tank for shrimp

    Guppies and endlers should be minimum 10g, some may even say 20g. It’s not solely about bioload; you have to also consider activity level and swimming pattern, among other things. Betta depends on type. One more weighed down with long fins and tail will be less active than one with shorter fins...
  11. peddidle

    10 gallon - What types of algae are these?

    I updated the pictures. The algae in question are now circled (ignore the brown algae--I'm quite aware it is there but it's not a concern). The picture with the moss has this very fine, long, lint-like algae; it's bright olive green and at first I thought it was just the moss growing, but then...
  12. peddidle

    10 gallon - What types of algae are these?

    My 10g tank has been running for about 6 months now. I suddenly have new algae showing up. I've always had a moderate battle with brown algae--sometimes worse than others, currently a bit bigger battle than usual--but haven't had problems with any other kinds until now. Last WC was Wednesday. I...
  13. peddidle

    Endlers mysteriously dying?

    The water parameters are fine and don’t indicate a crash, and endlers are very low bioload. I’ve added 6 at once to a 10g without any issue at all. I really doubt it was a tank crash. It seems specific to the endlers so far. A pH of 7.8 should be fine unless they came from a significantly...
  14. peddidle

    Cycling problems

    Is this the same tank you had the barbs in or a different tank? Does it have live plants? What type of substrate? My questions stem from my own experience of previously having a newly established tank with ammonia 0, nitrites 0, and nitrates 0. My tank was definitely cycled, but the plants...
  15. peddidle

    Help With Stocking Ideas

    Many fish need plants to be happy—live or fake is up to you, but they need them to feel secure and/or to find their only little territory. Honeys for sure need plants.
  16. peddidle

    Help With Stocking Ideas

    I would do 4-5 honeys in a 25g if going with the suggested ember tetras and pygmy cories. My experience is that 4 live quite comfortably in 20g with additional fish (I have 8 rasboras along with 3 amanos and a nerite racer snail for tank mates).
  17. peddidle

    Type of fish with best personality?

    The stay-at-home order in my area started just as I was getting ready to plan another tank, so I put everything on hold. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but with all the time I’ve had to think about it, I’m starting to question things and want to explore more options. We have hard...
  18. peddidle

    Heater recommendations for 35 gallon tank

    I've been happy with my adjustable 200w Fluval E. I don't know what wattage you'd need--depends on how much you need to heat the tank during the coldest part of the year. Once I recalibrated the heater, it has worked like a charm and been super consistent.
  19. peddidle

    New 20 gallon tank! Suggestions?

    Wow! When I read that earlier in the thread, I thought it was a typo, lol. You’ll need a heater. From my experience, I wouldn’t use anything less than an adjustable 200w.
  20. peddidle

    New 20 gallon tank! Suggestions?

    How cold will the room temperature be during the coldest months? That, combined with the type of fish you want to keep will tell you whether you need a heater. Then, if you need a heater, the coldest room temp combined with the amount of degrees you need to heat the water beyond that will help...
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