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  1. DerekO24

    Small white growth on fish

    Small white protruding growth on side of cardinal tetra (one on top ).
  2. DerekO24

    I’m moving my fish to a new tank

    I have an old 20 gallon tall tank. Full of scratches and I just don’t trust it anymore. Taking all inhabitants out of it and moving to a new 20 gallon tall tank. I’ve put in the Hardscape , all I need to do is fill it up with water and add plants/fish. When I add water to the new tank I’m...
  3. DerekO24

    75 watt eheim heater

    Is the 75 watt enough for a 20 tall ? I’ve seen mixed reviews. I want low profile as possible
  4. DerekO24

    Redoing existing/established tank

    Re-doing my 20 gallon high tank. Bought a new tank (same size). Old one is all scratched. I’m going to do a large water change, and run the old water into my new tank from the old one. Also, plan to condition the water and add beneficial bacteria. I’ll also be adding a bunch of cherry shrimp...
  5. DerekO24

    Powerhead for small tank

    Never had one before. I have a 20 gallon high. Is that too small of a tank for one? Only 2 feet long
  6. DerekO24

    Driftwood websites ?

    Anyone know any good websites for driftwood?Manzanita in particular
  7. DerekO24

    White/light colored substrate

    I’ve always used black substrates to cover up detritus and any other kind of filth. Ready to try white sand or just a lighter colored substrate for a brighter look. Any tips I haven’t thought of to keep it relatively clean ?
  8. DerekO24

    Used tank $$$

    Just wanted to see what kind of opinions/responses I got back from this. Anybody notice how people ask wayyy too much for fish tanks and stand online ? Wether it be Craig’s list/Letgo app or whatever. You’ll see people selling a 10 gallon tank with a HOB and a lid for like 100$ crazy
  9. DerekO24

    My octopus teacher

    Watched this documentary on Netflix recently , absolutely blew my mind. The cinematography was incredible , learning all about the octopus and just the beauty of the ocean. Also , pretty emotional. Can’t recommend this documentary enough. , especially for anyone on here whose an aquarium hobbyist
  10. DerekO24

    Fish pricing

    Son and I were on a mission to find a group of German blue rams today. Went to one lfs and they had them for 25$ a piece ! And they weren’t that great looking. Went to another lfs , our usual spot and bought 3 for 10$ a piece much healthier looking too. Just crazy how different prices can be.
  11. DerekO24

    Yo-yo loach behavior

    My yo-yo loach , which I’ve had a couple months now , since day one is a psycho. He swims around erratically all the time. Sometimes in circles, over and over.. to the point he’s formed a big crater in my substrate. Kind of annoying to watch, and he doesn’t even seem to be eating any MTS
  12. DerekO24

    Inbreeding a thing with fish?

    Is inbreeding a thing with fish ?
  13. DerekO24

    40 breeder filtration

    Getting a 40 breeder soon. Curious about filtration. Not a fan of canisters or sponge filters. Anyone out there filter a 40 breeder with a single aqua clear 50 or 70 ? How does it do ??
  14. DerekO24

    Stocking 20 Gallon High

    Just want to see how some react to my tank 20 gallon high 2 angels 4 neons 4 sterbai Cory 2 Amano shrimp Siamese algae eater Clown pleco 2 assassin snails 100 mts
  15. DerekO24

    Yo yo loach

    Anyone have experience with yo-yo loaches ? And their effectiveness with Malaysian trumpet snails? MTS about the size of a freckle ....
  16. DerekO24

    Will different Tetras school together?

    Will diff tetras school together ? Prob not right ? I have neons I’m so sick of , want to try something like rummy-nose. I started with 10 neons about a year ago. Lost a couple , and had to cull out a few cuz they had some fungal thing I was afraid was transmissible.. at the point now where I...
  17. DerekO24

    Lost power

    Manually agitating the water in my tanks due to power outage .. cuz I never got myself battery powered air bubblers. Hard lesson learned.
  18. DerekO24

    Hair algae

    Frustrating and fascinating at the same time. Something about my water is perfect for hair algae while back got myself a Siamese algae eater who mowed it down in a matter of days and kept it non existent in the tank. He also happened to me an absolute psycho and would terrorize my Neons and...
  19. DerekO24

    Driftwood website?

    Where does everyone get their driftwood ? I’m always looking for natural looking river wood/bogwood branchy type stuff like this
  20. DerekO24

    Tank leak?

    I’ve been noticing little amounts of hard water/calcium on the BOTTOM rim of my tank? No water leak , but does this mean one is inevitable ?
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