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  1. MKnoob

    Small bump on dorsal fin

    This just happened to my betta - what was your outcome? thanks!
  2. MKnoob

    Cherry Shrimp color change? i.e. rust???

    Thanks so much everyone for your help! Truly appreciate it!
  3. MKnoob

    Cherry Shrimp color change? i.e. rust???

    Hey all my red Neocaridinas seems to be doing great - multiplying like crazy over the ~ 2 months I've had them. But I've noticed some of the older ones are getting darker with some darker spots . They are acting normal and no deaths but I'm wondering if I need to be concerned about rust? Thanks...
  4. MKnoob

    Tank stock recs: Ember tetras vs Harlequin Rasboras for Betta community Tank

    Would love some with fish stocking recommendations in an established moderately planted 20 gallon. We've got 5 Kuhlis, 7 Ember Tetras (bought 10 and should have counted them before leaving the store ...), ~ 10 RCS and 4 mystery snails. With the current fish/invert load nitrate and nitrites are 0...
  5. MKnoob

    Kuhlis all of a sudden glass surfing after dose of levamisole

    Hey all, I have new kuhlis and a few of them were looking skinny (i.e. head thicker than body). The fish store told me they were treated already. But I made the decision to dose them with expel-P. After about 5 minutes they all started crazily glass surfing the aquarium (in the day with the...
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