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    Seachem Purigen Lowering Nitrates?

    I added a small bag of Seachem Purigen to my filter 2 weeks ago and my nitrates were at 20ppm. Today I tested expecting it to be around 20ppm+ and they were at 5ppm! I'm wondering if my test kit (API Freshwater Kit) is giving false readings since it's down to its final drops or if Purigen does...
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    Question Can I Place My Bio Filter Anywhere Else But The Filter?

    I have an Aquaclear 50 HOB filter with 1 sponge and 2 Biomax filters on top of it. I purchased a small bag of Seachem Purigen to add inside but I don't have enough room for it, especially if it expands over time. I'm wondering if I can take out one of my Biomax filters and put it somewhere...
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    Store Brand Food For Catfish?

    I have some otocinclus catfish and I fed them Hikari Algae Wafers for about a week and now they don't seem to touch it anymore. I give them raw zucchini and cucumber also but they just seem to nibble on it at times. They seem to be surviving off the algae in the tank right now. I wanted to know...
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    Question Intentionally Growing Algae For Otocinclus?

    I have 3 Oto Catfish in my tank and they've eaten almost all of the brown diatoms that were present. I gave them some algae wafers and they nibble at it little by little but don't seem too interested. I want to add more algae for them and I've read that I could leave some rocks out in the sun...
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    Help Danio Stuck In Castle Hole?

    My danio is stuck in a small hole in my castle decor, but he's still alive. Can I just pull him out with my hand?
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    One Oto For Brown Diatoms?

    What I want is one Oto catfish to help with brown diatoms. Even though they are schooling fish I'm wondering if by any chance one could make it alone in a community tank since I'm not sure enough diatoms grow to support two or more. I know I'd have to feed it algae wafers and maybe vegetables...
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    Danios Vs Guppies Hardiness?

    I want to add about 3 male guppies to my tank but I wanted to know how they compare to a species like danios in terms of hardiness. I've had 5 danios in my 20g long tank for 2 months and they've been pretty easy to take of. I don't use a heater and my water temperature always ranges between...
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    How Much Do You Love Your Fish?

    Do you love them as much as someone would love a dog or cat? Is there perhaps one fish in particular you love more than others? I'm asking because I've only had 5 danios for a month and already I love them. They're my first fish and they seem happy together. I don't have a quarantine tank...
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    Question Taking A Single Fish Out Of The Tank To Feed?

    Yesterday I added 5 Glofish Danios to a 20g long tank and sadly two of them did not survive for longer than two hours. Another two however are eating and actively swimming around now. The last one is just swimming up top by itself and I haven't noticed it eat anything yet. I wanted to ask if...
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    Question Why Does My Zebra Danio's Mouth Look Like This?

    I got two zebra danios 2 days ago and I just noticed that one of them looks like its lower lip is extending a bit more than usual or something might be stuck on it, I'm not too sure. It might be something or it might be nothing but I'm known to be a bit panicky at little things. As you can see...
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    What Product(s) Do You Feed To Your Zebra Danios?

    I got 2 zebra danios a few hours ago and purchased API Tropical Mini Pellets. My fish haven't eaten any yet because I think they're still adjusting to their new home like someone told me. I was just curious what specific food products people have had success with in feeding the danios?
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    Question Should I Let Ammonia Drop To 0 Ppm?

    I'm doing a fishless cycle. After using a full bottle of TSS+ on day 3 I used Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride to bring the ammonia to 2.0ppm. On day 14 it dropped between 0.25 - 0.50ppm and I brought it back up to 2.0ppm. It's now Day 23 and the ammonia is down to 0.25ppm. Should I let it drop to 0...
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    Question Starting Off With 3 Zebra Danios?

    My 20 gallon long aquarium is finally almost done cycling after a lot of trial an error and I wanted to know if getting about 3 zebra danios to start things off is a bad idea. I know they are schooling fish and people recommend 8 or more but I just wanted to make sure everything is good before I...
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    20 Gallon Tank Silicone Lump Outside Of Tank

    Hi All, I'm probably being over cautious (I've been so since getting this tank) but I just noticed a lump of silicone on the bottom left corner of my glass tank on the outside. I've never noticed it before and just wanted to know if I should be concerned. Also are those gaps on the corner on...
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    Aqueon Pro Heater Going Bad

    I just installed this 100w heater in my 20 gallon tank about a month ago and it looks like it's starting to melt. Luckily I don't have any fish yet since I'm still doing a fishless cycle. The heater seems like it's still working because it's maintaining the temperature of 81-82F but it looks I'm...
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    Question Should I Clean My Filter During A Fishless Cycle?

    I'm nearing week 4 of my fishless cycle and I haven't cleaned my filter once. I have an Aquaclear 50 with the foam sponge, carbon filter, and bio filter. Should I be cleaning them out with the aquarium water or just leave it until I get fish? The only things I've added to the water are pure...
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    Question Does Water Evaporation Effect Ammonia?

    Three days ago my ammonia levels were at 3ppm and today they are at 2ppm. About 2 gallons of water evaporated since then and now the ammonia is down to 2ppm, 0 nitrites, nitrates 5-10ppm (tap water result). Is the cycle working or is the ammonia going down because of the evaporation?
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    Help Fishless Cycling With Tss+ Advice

    Ok let me just start off by saying that I think I screwed up so I'll explain: On day 7 of cycling my 20 gallon long aquarium I had dosed my ammonia to 2ppm and I used a full bottle of TSS+. The next day my ammonia dropped to 1ppm. For the next three days the readings remained the same so on day...
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    What Question Would You Ask Your Fish If They Could Talk?

    What do you wish your fish could tell you?
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    Question Water Test Color Accuracy And Timing

    I use the API Master Test Kit for freshwater. It's strange because the instructions say to wait 5 minutes for the color to develop and when I checked the nitrates it looked like 5ppm. But after leaving it for about 30 minutes it looks like 10-20ppm. Is this a bad result of letting it sit for too...

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