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  1. Jamel2333

    Good enough filter for my 30 gallon?

    I have an Aquatech 30-60 , it filters 300 gph. I'm wondering if this is good enough?
  2. Jamel2333

    What do you do with the basket that comes with?

    I got a plant at meijers and it has a basket, what do you do with the basket? Do you take it off to plant the roots in the gravel?
  3. Jamel2333

    Penguin 350 For A 29 Tall??

    Would a BIO-Wheel 350 be to big or powerful for a 29 tall tank with smaller fish in it like tetras and clown fish and angel fish? We are just sitting up our first tank and we have a BIO wheel 150 but we want crystal clear water so maybe a bigger filter will help?? Thanks

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