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  1. Macy Fenn

    Silver Dollars

    I just have a question about sexing them. i'm not trying to breed just curious what mine are! I've read males can have black spots, and fins that are tinged orange. but can females have these too? all 3 of mine do so thinking i have 3 males.
  2. Macy Fenn

    Incapacitated Rasbora??

    First, i've been a memeber here for a long time so I know pretty much all the basics. My fish tank is fully cycled and is a30 gallon. ever since i upgraded them to the brand new 30 gallon tank I've been battling regular green algae. I assume this is because when i first set it up, it did have...
  3. Macy Fenn

    Fin Rot!! Help

    Hello everyone! I just moved my fish into a 30 gallon. (i know my silver dollar is suppsoed to be in a 55or bigger but i just found that out last time i made a post and am working on just rehoming him instead since i can't get a bigger tank rn) they've been in the new tank a little over a week...
  4. Macy Fenn

    New Fish In Quarantine

    I have 2 rasboras and a couple other fish i'm quarantining to add to my new bigger tank. the tank is filtered, heated, and established, it's my old fish tank i just replaced with the larger one. I picked out the healthiest looking ones and didn't put any pet store water in my tank. i got them...
  5. Macy Fenn

    New Fish With Old Fish

    So i just upgraded my fish successfully. whew! now i'm trying to make their schools bigger. I work at a pet store and my sweet manager ordered me black rasboras thinking they were the ones i have but they aren't. i have regular harlequin rasboras that are golden with a little black. Would the...
  6. Macy Fenn

    Adding New Fish And New Tank

    yeah i work at a pet store so getting the fish is no problem! i'm happy to upgrade them too. i was planning on moving the filter, some gravel, and all the decorations and letting that run a while before i move my fish so hopefully it's good. i'm super paranoid of them dying during this process...
  7. Macy Fenn

    Adding New Fish And New Tank

    Ah. i don't know why i thought it was a 30 gallon minimum. i might have to then. what about my other fish?
  8. Macy Fenn

    Adding New Fish And New Tank

    Alright so i was stupid back in the day and i got my fish tank and didn't know what i was doing and it has been 2 years since then. The set up is a 10 gallon tank, ive had 1 silver dollar, 3 harlequin rasboras, and 2 neon glotetras. I had a few platys but they died and these fish are 2 years old...
  9. Macy Fenn

    Hole In Betta Fish?

    i certainly agree with you that he is probably in pain. i mean it's a giant indention in his body. i do want to euthanize but i also don't want to as you said it is hard. i had posted him on before a month or so ago and just wanted to post it once more to see if anyone could enlighten me as to...
  10. Macy Fenn

    Hole In Betta Fish?

    wow! so do you have an idea of what it is/what causes it?
  11. Macy Fenn

    Hole In Betta Fish?

    i don't know what i will do i would be interested in hearing the treatment for sure though
  12. Macy Fenn

    Hole In Betta Fish?

    that's what i may do. until i see him acting sick. believe it or not he's the same betta as in my profile pic! that's the bump when i first got him and then it's the huge hole now
  13. Macy Fenn

    Hole In Betta Fish?

    it's so crazy to me. i was told it was an ulcer when i first got him. he acts completely unaffected reacts to my voice, eats like he always has which is a ton, and he swims around a lot. i wish i could of found a way to fix it that's for sure. he's the best boy
  14. Macy Fenn

    Hole In Betta Fish?

    I just hate to because he has always been so active and reactant to my voice and still is, as if nothing is wrong. he's always has the biggest appetite and he still will eat until he exploded no change in appetite at all. it's so odd to me i've spent hours researching what it could be and have...
  15. Macy Fenn

    Hole In Betta Fish?

    this started off as a tiny bump on my fish and has gotten worse and worse. i've tried just using aquarium salt, i tried lifeguard, i tried melafix, and i tried another medicine i can't remmeber at the moment. i've also tried just adding stress gaurd for a while for the aloe vera. he's in tank...
  16. Macy Fenn

    Betta With Ulcer?

    it's lumpy however it's got like a hole or indention in the middle of it. i have the blue stuff i can try that also. i haven't looked at all "medicine" i have recently but i know i have lifeguard that is supposed to fight a broad i going in the wrong direction with that? i haven't...
  17. Macy Fenn

    Betta With Ulcer?

    Hello! i work at a pet store and we just recently got live animals. before we got them, trainers came in and trained us on them health and care of all the different animals. One of the trainers happened to see one our bettas had what they called an ulcer. we had just gotten that shipment in and...
  18. Macy Fenn

    Sick Molly

    My molly is sick she had been clamping her fins and then developed white spots so i began treatment for ich. I did 2 treatments and now she keeps it clamped sometimes and other times is swimming like normal. She also has clear poop. Is she getting better? Do I do a third ich treatment? She’s a...
  19. Macy Fenn

    Molly With Clamped Back Fin!!! Please Help

    I am still cycling my tank (found out threough another post it is overstocked, working on it) but i have a molly that was clamping her top fin and laying in the dark cave on the ground for hours at a time. Today she has a few white dots on her head so i am suspecting ich disease. However the...
  20. Macy Fenn

    Help! New Tank And Fish Novice

    I will have to do something about how many fish i have then. But for now i’m trying to save the molly. I feel so bad for her but today she has white dots on her so i’m suspecting ich?? Should i treat the whole tank even though it’s still cycling ? I could make a hospital tank with the 5 gallon i...

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