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  1. clk89

    Sick Betta - Worst Fish Parent Ever? Seems Like It :'(

    May I ask where you have gotten the info that the majority of Betta tanks never cycle? I successfully cycled a betta tank just fine, and most people on here have as well as friends I know in real life.
  2. clk89

    How Do You Help Heal Betta Small Cuts Or Lesions?

    Aquarium salt would probably just irratate it. Keeping the water parameters pristine (o ammonia, 0 nitrite, no more then 20 but not zero nitrates) will help and keep an eye out for fungal or bacterial infections.
  3. clk89

    Help Me Please! Idk If Swim Bladder, Tired, Or What Scared Fish Will Die, (long Post With Pics)

    Fish don't really wear themselves out from swimming, I mean that's what fish do they pretty much swim all day. They are designed for that. Upgrading the tank won't do anything about the temp. differences that also needs to be addressed.
  4. clk89

    Help Me Please! Idk If Swim Bladder, Tired, Or What Scared Fish Will Die, (long Post With Pics)

    No ammonia reading? Sounds like you are using strips and your tank isn't cycled since nitrates are at zero. 74 is too cold for a betta, bettas need a heater. Goldfish and bettas can not be in the same tank due to temp. difference as I described before. The low temp is probably affecting the...
  5. clk89

    Hamster With Only 2 Legs

    Is that an exotic vet though or just a vet? A regular vet usually specializes and gets more training on cats and dogs. Their training on small animals such as hamsters is so very short and not usually that great. An exotic vet gets more training on smaller animals. One that specializes in...
  6. clk89

    Help Me Please! Idk If Swim Bladder, Tired, Or What Scared Fish Will Die, (long Post With Pics)

    First of all I would not put the betta and goldfish together, they have opposite temp requirements. Bettas like it around 80 degree Fahrenheit. Goldfish are considered cold water fish. Personally I would rehome the goldfish and just keep the betta since you don't know when you are able to...
  7. clk89

    Do I Need To Drip Acclimate My Shrimp?

    Nerites won't eat baby shrimp. I have a ten gallon nerite ans blue dream shrimp tank.
  8. clk89

    Hamster With Only 2 Legs

    I would take him to an exotic vet that specializes in rodents. Most petsmart "vets" aren't all the knowledgeable.
  9. clk89

    Dropsy Emergency

    You do epson salt bath in a small container, separate from the main tank. Put fish in for just a few mins with it. Then put fish back into main tank.
  10. clk89

    Do I Need To Drip Acclimate My Shrimp?

    I tend to always drip acclimate everything because my PH/GH/KH are usually higher then everyone else's tanks, even higher from the local pet stores.
  11. clk89

    Is My Tank Cycling Properly?

    lol my eyes are so bad at times so thanks for correcting me. I agree with Allie to check gh/kh because that PH is not stable which can make it difficult to cycle a tank, not to mention hard on a fish. What is your water source ph?
  12. clk89

    My Betta Has Gill Hyperplasia

    What are your water parameters? Betta can go a while without eating, since he is so new to the tank he may not eat anyways for a few days.
  13. clk89

    Is My Tank Cycling Properly?

    Your ammonia of 6.8 seems pretty high to me. With fish in cycle you don't want ammonia to get so high because for one it damages the fish and two it can make the cycle unable to process it into nitrite. I would suggest doing water changes, and perhaps trying to use both prime (water conditioner)...
  14. clk89

    Stocking 15 Gallon

    I would do bigger then 15 gallon for a dwarf gourami, and a pearl gourami.
  15. clk89

    Is A Dwarf Gourami A Good Centerpiece Fish For My Tank?

    It's not just how big mollies get, but their bioloads are bigger too.
  16. clk89

    Odd Water Parameters - Nitrites And Nitrates Bad

    What do you mean by "changed filters?" With filter media you only want to clean them in old tank water.
  17. clk89

    Stocking 75 Gallon, Discus Possible...

    Discus are usually better in a species only tank, also clown loaches get huge and need a group.
  18. clk89

    Support From Friends And Family

    You could always give him research with backed up sources to show you are taking care of the fish correctly. With pets my husband and I pretty much agreed a long time ago that if I bring a pet into the house, I do the majority of the care. If he brings the pet into home then he does majority...
  19. clk89

    Betta Won’t Eat Pellets

    Him sucking on the pellet is him eating it, just little bit at a time versus the whole pellet.
  20. clk89

    Eheim Classic 2215 Canisyer Enough For My Tank?

    I would go up to at least a classic EHEIM 2217. Basically just the next step up.

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