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    What can I make with this?

    I have had my 55-gallon tank setup for a while now. I would like to make a push towards having a nicer-looking and hopefully lower-maintenance tank. I would like to do some type of DIY project, but I'm not entirely sure what to do or where to start. Here's a list of a few things I have that I...
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    African Dwarf Frog sick

    I have (at this moment, had) a 5 gallon tank with a betta and 2 ADF, one much older than the other. My younger ADF I found today spending his time floating at the top. He is usually the most active of the two, but seems lethargic. I took a closer look and his right arm and head have this...
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    AquaTech 5-15 on the fritz?

    I have trouble with this from time to time. For whatever reason the tube tends to get gunked up with... gunk. I always rinse out the tube until the flow is as it should be (you'll see chunks) and rinse off the impeller. Also, I agree with what everyone is saying about the pantyhose. I...
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    Feeling dumb, powerhead help please.

    Water is sucked from the bottom (the end with the strainer, which keeps large debris from entering) and exits from that straight round port on the side. Usually you get a flow deflector with them... but you may not, either. Edit: also, that tube attached... it allows air bubbles to be blown...
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    Dwarf puffer only eats snails

    It's taken time for me to get my DPs to accept bloodworms. Within the first month or so it was snails only--for this I have a separate tank (at the moment) for snail breeding. I have had them for 2-3 months now, they are going after bloodworms fine--fighting over them, actually. It's funny...
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    Colors and dominance

    I don't recall seeing much on this, but to silver dollars change color according to dominance? I have 2 spotted silver dollars, they have red patches behind the gills and on the dorsal fin. One is vivdly colored and one is more dull. Note: not looking for recommendations on what kind of tank...
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    Just my luck

    Just popping in for my two cents on the issue. I have gone through this (and I think will be again ASAP) through the summer and have had success. Regarding medicine, I used Maracyn-Two. I would not recommend using this in an acrylic tank--it WILL coat the tank walls and is very difficult to...
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    Veiltail Recovering from bad fin rot

    I have him in another tank now, pre-cycled. In the hospital tank he had floating cabomba beds to lay in, which he did. He also enjoyed a spot in the corner behind a little wall, that was his retreat. That's good to hear regarding the flaring, I figured it would be something like that.
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    Betta Experts - need some help

    I can affirm this claim, my betta has done the same. He now LOVES to swim in the current. ;D
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    Petco fish keeping

    All the stores I've been to in the Pittsburgh area (north of Pittsburgh, mostly) have been good with the exception of WalMart. Petco definitely has a better selection from what I've seen, Petsmart doesn't have saltwater around here. There is also this awesome place called Elmer's in...
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    Going to Start a 10 Gallon Betta Tank!

    I also had troubles with the reflection. I found that the black from the HOB filter was causing this. As nandemonai said, I used white paper as a background to get rid of that. That instantly quelled the flaring. Might be able to get away with other colors? Trial and error, I suppose...
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    Going to Start a 10 Gallon Betta Tank!

    A tip that I've seen a lot, and used myself, is to watch your decorations. Be sure it's not something that is going to catch your betta's fins and tear them up. Such damage can lead to things like fin rot, which you will want to avoid. Live plants aren't an issue, but some fake plants (stiff...
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    FishLore Android, iPhone Tapatalk app now available

    Awesome, I've been waiting for this! Just redownloaded "Board Express for Tapatalk" for my Windows Phone and sure enough, there it is! Thanks!
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    5 Gallon Tank Any help for ugly, unhealthy fins?

    I can speak to this through my recent experience. My betta had a case of fin rott, all that was left of most of his fins were the rays (for what they were worth) almost down to the body in most places. I took him out of his environment into a 10 gallon make-shift hospital tank. For...
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    Scouring pads from the Dollar Tree?

    I agree with the above regarding scratching the tank. However, I use these as filter media with great success. Off topic, but useful.
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    Veiltail Recovering from bad fin rot

    Any idea what the store would be called in Robinson? That's about 40 mins south, but not too far to go to a fish store! Not that it's particularly close, but I wanted to go down to Elmer's in Monroeville anyhow. 376 runs right over, nowadays...
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    Veiltail Recovering from bad fin rot

    Not sure, I never had him in a position to flare them before. It kind of flares on the one side, just... not really. His breathing looks normal, gills evenly move on both sides. Just when he tries to show off (to either my blue pen or the mirror) it isn't even on both sides.
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    Veiltail Recovering from bad fin rot

    Yeah, infection is definitely gone. Only other thing of interest is that, when he flares his gills, one side of the gills doesn't really flare out. Not too concerned about that, though.
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    Veiltail Recovering from bad fin rot

    The tank is filtered (2 filters) and cycled, assuming my issue is still the topic of conversation here (I lost track reading the posts). Parameters are fine in the tank and I don't have anything he can get his fins caught on. There is just a mass of fanwort floating in there, plenty enough...
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    Question asked... Answer provided

    Something funny I saw on Foster & Smith Aquatics today. Here's the picture.

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