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  1. The Aquatic Weasel

    Help Id My New Fish Please :)

    Agree, but its probably buffei becuase the truedebauwi is rarely sold. Luckily its not a iridenscent, they would grow 4 feet long. This site might help you:
  2. The Aquatic Weasel

    20 Gallon Tank Brevis And Rasboras

    Hello, Personally I would fill out the shelldwellers and be done. The rasboras will serve as nice "dithers". Or rehome the shelldweller and make a communty tank. Also, Rasboras and shellies may not be pH compatible. Harlequin rasbora 6.5-7.5 Brevis shelldweller 7.5-8.5 However they will most...
  3. The Aquatic Weasel

    Question Can Someone Tell Me What Fish This Is?

    Its a wrestling Halfbeak. Very cool fish! This site might help you:
  4. The Aquatic Weasel

    Decoration Tips?

    Yes, definetly some driftwood for the fish to hide in and swim around. Love that Hornwort/cabomba!
  5. The Aquatic Weasel

    Ultimate Fish Game

    a fish that multiplys so you can sell some every day. As the tank gets more crowded they get smaller and you can more easily net them. They can climb out of the water, get HUGE, and with their sharp barbs can scare away criminals. They also have vocal cords so you can talk to them. They can tell...
  6. The Aquatic Weasel

    Aqaadvisor Says My 20 Gal Tank Is Overstocked

    Rehome one of your schools or add another filter to the tank and be done.
  7. The Aquatic Weasel

    Is Petsmart Really As Bad As They Say?

    IMO, ptsmart is ok. Really depends on employees. If the fish employee is just out of high school and knows as much about fishkeeping as a seven-year old, then that store will be bad, at least in the fish department. Its better to shop at specialy stores because there won't be any people that...
  8. The Aquatic Weasel

    Anyone Know What Snail This Is?

    Agree. It’s just a bladder snail. They’ll overpopulate your tank, better gid rid of it. Nice blueish tinge though. Here is one of mine: Mine are super ugly
  9. The Aquatic Weasel

    Help Urgent Sick Endler :(

    He died today R.I.P. Pafoop. Your pain is over, little endler. Pictures for reference
  10. The Aquatic Weasel

    Help Urgent Sick Endler :(

    maybe. However I remember they started to go inactive right before I did the change, then after they started dying. I'm thinking somMiraclously, Mango survived and is still with us today.
  11. The Aquatic Weasel

    Funny Things Your Fish Do

    same thing happens with my endlers. When I use my 5 mL syringe to test water they think its food. They'll spend hours searching for food. They have terriotrial fights only over food, especially with Mango and Leopard, the fiestiest.
  12. The Aquatic Weasel

    Question 20g Semi Aggressive Stock Tank

    Caudopunks 30, but the majority of the other species 20. Some people even put multies in a 10... Also yes in a 20 you have few cichlid options. A cool SA apisto planted tank, Shellie colony, and maybe a kribensis pair
  13. The Aquatic Weasel

    How Often Are You Doing A Water Change?

    I do 1-2 gallons every week in my endlers. Nitrate stays at 0-5 depending on how much I do and becuase of my thriving amazon swords that probably need a bigger space soon. I am a lot more concoius about how much I am changing after the ammonia incident (did too large WC, killed all but one of my...
  14. The Aquatic Weasel

    Funny Things Your Fish Do

    This morning my sweet Mango (endler boy) got stuck between a rock and the glass while he was searching for food :hilarious:. Luckily he got out. I didn't get a pic though. He was suprised/traumitized at first, not trying to get out, then he wriggled and forgot all about it.
  15. The Aquatic Weasel

    75 Gallon Which Cichlids Or Peacocks

    Hi, you generally don't want to mix peacocks with mbuna, it is doable but not recommended. Peacocks from what I habe read have a more meat-based diet while mbuna have a primarily vegetable (aufuchs)-based diet. This could cause problems for types. Mbuna are also more agressive than peacocks and...
  16. The Aquatic Weasel

    Question 20g Semi Aggressive Stock Tank

    Shelldwellers. They are from Tanganyika, relatively agressive but small, Multies and similis will form a colony while most others pair up. Easy to breed. Contray to the name, they will go upwater if there is no other fish in the tank, however babies hide out in the shells for a long time until...
  17. The Aquatic Weasel

    Help Urgent Sick Endler :(

    It's night now I'll find it tommorow I think it is dead I'm gonna do a WC too. The most recent addition was around 3-4 months ago when I restocked the tank with 6 endlers after an incident when I did a very large WC and all but one of my fish died.
  18. The Aquatic Weasel

    New Tank, New To Gouramis

    Use both filters on the tank for a few days/weeks. The bacteria will grow onto the media without hurting your cycle.
  19. The Aquatic Weasel

    Help Urgent Sick Endler :(

    He is still hanging on, at the bottom occainsonialy moving to a new spot I don't think he will live, but I still want to give him a chance
  20. The Aquatic Weasel

    Help Urgent Sick Endler :(

    Help! One of my endler boys who has been relatively skinny for the past month is laying on the ground!! He just got up and is now swimming around but he will not eat He is kind of swimming lopsided and bumping into other fish Tank Info: Cycled 10 gallon tank 7 endlers and a whole lotta...

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