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  1. LyndaB

    Closing down 3 tanks, all fish free to good home, local pick up only

    Please check my aquarium profiles for the available fish. I will try to be good about updating the list when adoptions have been made. Again, local only, I can't get into shipping right now. Thanks!
  2. LyndaB

    when can i move my frys back to my main tank?

    I actually never remove my fry from the main tank. I just keep java moss and other plants in there for the fry to hide out in. Fry are surprisingly intelligent and have a strong self-protection system in place. I figure I didn't begin keeping fish in order to become a nursemaid so I just let...
  3. LyndaB

    Closing down 3 tanks, all fish free to good home, local pick up only

    Hey guys, please see my profile for the list of fish I have available. Due to illness, my husband and I are closing down our three tanks. Although the tanks themselves will be sold in the coming months, we would like to see the fish go to good homes. If any members are local, or don't mind...
  4. LyndaB

    sigh. my nitrogen cycle is messed up.

    I'm really confused. What method were you using to cycle this tank if not ammonia?
  5. LyndaB

    Bad news hate winter

    When the power comes back on, raise the temp very slowly. Feed sparingly. Leave the tank darker than you would normally. Let them come back to their normal environment slowly and easily. Good luck!
  6. LyndaB

    Help Should I be waiting or redoing?

    Although you believed your soil was clean, don't forget that it absorbs all the contaminants from rain and snow melt. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of pollutant in there that had a negative effect on your shrimp. That's all I can think of.
  7. LyndaB

    Current substrate not compatible with fish I've been wanting to get.

    What tank size? I would not recommend kuhlis for anything less than a 30 gallon. And I absolutely would not put them in a tank without sand. I have over a dozen of them, since my first tank. Had gravel in that first tank, and they always ended up a) not happy because they couldn't burrow and b)...
  8. LyndaB

    Question the better fish

    If you get two blood parrots, expect them to be extremely shy, possibly for months, due to no other fish in the tank. You might not see them for a very long time. Depends on the fish. Never had a flowerhorn simply because I'm not drawn to having just one fish in any of my tanks. Good...
  9. LyndaB

    Question Silver dallor school size question

    Research some of the other tetra species.
  10. LyndaB

    HELP! I'm in a war and trying to avoid a high body count

    Actually, gravel is not the best source of beneficial bacteria as you typically also scoop up other detritus that you do not want in your tank. Still, the best source of seeded media is straight from the filter.
  11. LyndaB

    First time with a preggers guppy please help!!!

    I don't use any type of breeder net. I just leave my females in the main tank. Whatever fry survive is fine with me. Unless you're in the business of selling fish, what are you going to do if you end up with 9800 fry as a result of being a midwife every time a female gives birth. That's my logic...
  12. LyndaB

    Question the better fish

    Flowerhorns should be kept as sole fish in a tank. Not sole species, from what I understand, but a single flowerhorn. What else is in this 55 gallon tank?
  13. LyndaB

    Question Otocinculus and Brow Algae?

    You may have an issue. Some otos will not accept supplemental foods, only natural. If you only have brown algae, otos would not be the best choice for your tank, as they may literally die of starvation. Is this a new tank?
  14. LyndaB

    Corydora mating behaviour?

    That's actually their typical behavior. When my corys spawn, they don't pair off. The entire group does a frantic swimming dance around the tank.
  15. LyndaB

    Question Silver dallor school size question

    Silver dollars get HUGE. Thus, your smaller tank will not work.
  16. LyndaB

    5 gallon set up

    Your 20l tank is not large enough to use as a breeder for plecos. Consider at least a 20 long, depending on the species.
  17. LyndaB

    So, I spent the day rescuing octopi

    Personally, I don't think it's cool to interfere with nature that way. If you catch something with a fishing pole that you are not going to consume, then you should immediately return it to the water. In this case, fate would've put those two particular creatures where there were many predators...
  18. LyndaB

    Oily stain on top of water

    If the water is stagnant, you're going to see stuff like this. It's not ready for use as a QT until cycled. Also, one week is not long enough for QT. Consider a minimum of 2, but you're better off with 4.
  19. LyndaB

    sigh. my nitrogen cycle is messed up.

    Typically, the cycling process takes 6 weeks, so you're running about right. How much ammonia are you still dosing?

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