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  1. Veiltail


    This is Bravo!
  2. Leslie.

    Nitrate & Nitrite Problem

    Hi guys. Just a quick question. Is there anyway to lower Nitrates & Nitrites in an aquarium? My 125, 36 & 20 Gallon tanks all have high Nitrates & Nitrites. I have never had this problem.
  3. Elephant Ear Half Moon.

    Elephant Ear Half Moon.

    This is Waldo! I have heard of this kind of Betta, but have never saw one. He's definitely a unique little guy.
  4. Leslie.

    Fairly New Betta Mom Worried She’s A Bad Mom

    He is a beautiful Betta! I have a white Half Moon too! Anyway, I went through this recently with one of our Bettas. We had just moved him into a new tank & he wouldn't do anything but lay low in the tank & hide behind the plant decor we bought for him (at the time we only had two Bettas, but...
  5. Leslie.

    Comment by 'Leslie.' in media 'Our Other Male Crown Tail'

    @GrayGray4231 Thank you!
  6. Our Other Male Crown Tail

    Our Other Male Crown Tail

    This is our other new guy, Wasabi!
  7. Male Crown Tail

    Male Crown Tail

    This is one of our newest guys, Killer! He is blue, green & red. Definitely a unique combo.
  8. Newest Addition

    Newest Addition

    Meet our newest addition, King! He's a Veiltail. Who could pass this guy up?! Thought his color was very unique.
  9. Leslie.

    Comment by 'Leslie.' in media 'Other Veiltail'

    Probably. He loves food! :)
  10. Leslie.

    Comment by 'Leslie.' in media 'Betta Tank'

    Thank you so much for letting me know. I had no idea. Thank you. LOL! I got the bottle from my grandparents, it's broken... haven't found a replacement yet.
  11. Leslie.

    Update On Dying Fish.

    Hope all is well with your aquatic friends! Hopefully, treatment goes well, & you don't lose any others.
  12. White Half Moon

    White Half Moon

    This is our newest addition, Fluffy. When he swims, he actually looks fluffy so it's well fitting. He is very social & loves his tank mates. He likes to show off & never seems to flare. Not to mention he is one of the coolest Bettas I've seen. I had no idea they could be white, he has some blue too.
  13. Other Veiltail

    Other Veiltail

    This is Frances. His personality is the complete opposite of our other Veiltail. He is very social & loves attention. He loves his tank mates & doesn't flare. He loves having his picture taken.
  14. Male Veiltail

    Male Veiltail

    This is one of our males Bait. I never realized how different fish personalities are. Bait is very mellow, & is not as welcoming to other tank mates (we have tried the ones that are safe to be with Bettas). He has current tank mates, that seem to make him happy.
  15. Betta Tank

    Betta Tank

    Upgraded our male Betta tank to our 20 gallon & split it into thirds. The boys really seem to like their new home & are super active.
  16. Leslie.

    Update On Dying Fish.

    The other day I posted about my Bala Sharks being sick & wasn't able to get very good pictures of them to really show what was going on. The last few days have been very rough... We lost both of our Bala Sharks, our female Angel, one of our Ropes & a few smaller fish slowly over the last few...
  17. Leslie.

    My Bala Sharks Are Sick... Need Help.

    Crimson passed away early this morning. & our other Balas spots aren't as noticeable, plus he won't stay still long enough to get a picture. When we had a fish with ich, it was a different tank. We have not had any problems with this tank, until we moved about 1 month ago. We went from a 55...
  18. Leslie.

    My Bala Sharks Are Sick... Need Help.

    A few minutes ago right before feeding, my fiance noticed that our female Bala Shark, Crimson had very noticeable white spots on her body. At first we thought it was ich, but once we got a closer look at her, we do not think it is ich (we had a Platy with ich months ago & it doesn't look the...
  19. Angel Fish.

    Angel Fish.

  20. Female Betta

    Female Betta

    This is Aquamarine. My first female Betta I have ever owned. She is metallic blue & absolutely beautiful.

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