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  1. matt.PC

    Shrimp Identification

    I think this is an Amano shrimp, but it was in a batch of mixed freshwater shrimp at the store that someone brought in and didn't want. The worker called them ghost shrimp, but with the dots I think otherwise and the shrimp do not have the humpbacks like the other ghost shrimp I've seen.
  2. matt.PC

    Identify Unknown Plant

    This plant snuck in on a red root floater and has grown quite a bit. Any clue what it is? It is currently hanging out on the surface of a separate container after spreading quite a bit weaving around RRF roots. The leaves are under 1/8" diameter, with one side darker than the other...
  3. matt.PC

    Plants Missing Something...

    Hello, Thanks in advance to any who can read through this LOOOOOONG post New member, but I've been reading the forums for a few months. I started a planted jar which has been going well for a couple months (minus my mini pelia that I just removed), but in the past week the plants seem to be...

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