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    First time Betta tank set up help needed

    Hi, I'm looking at buying the aqua one betta duo tank. As for cycling, if I put the filter sponges in my current established tank for a couple of weeks and siphon the water from my current tank, will it then be ready to add the fish?
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    Filter cycle mistake, advice needed.

    Hi. Just over 2 weeks ago I found some Molly Fry in my main tank. I caught them and put them in a floating breeder tank. I then went out and bought a 24L nursery tank to prepare to transfer them to, and put the filter it came with in my main tank to cycle for a fortnight. However I realised...
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    Air pump suitable for fry

    Hi. I found some Molly Fry in my tank a couple of days ago. I currently have them in a floating breeder tank, but I bought a small 24litre tank to transfer them to when it's ready. I'm running the filter that came with it in my main tank until it's ready, maybe 2-3 weeks? I'll syphon the water...
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    Found a Molly fry, what do I do?

    Hi. I've only had my tank a few months, so still learning every day. I found a fry yesterday and so I caught it and put it in the plastic breeder/seperation box that floats in the tank. I went and got some liquifry 2 and have put that in. What do I do now to keep it alive? I can get a mini tank...
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    Guppy with possible fin rot question?

    Hi, when I first received my tank it contained 3 tiger barbs. One of my guppies was attacked and had a couple of bites taken out of his tail. A couple of weeks later his tail is looking frayed. I've treated the tank for fin rot as per the instructions on the bottle (and removing carbon filters)...
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    Calcium blocks

    I've put one in my tank for my 2 rabbit snails, but my fish are going to town on it. Is this ok? Can they have too much? The instructions say to put a fresh one in every fortnight, do I leave one in permanently then? Much thanks, Amy ****
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    API master test kit question.

    Hi, I'm currently using the tetra liquid test kits for ph, nitrites and nitrates. I've since discovered that a lot of people advise the API kits so I'm going to swap to those. Am I ok ordering the master test kit or would I be better ordering individual API kits? Much thanks, Amy.
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    Injured rabbit (I think) snail :-(

    Hi, new here and an absolute newbie to fish keeping. I inherited a tank a few weeks back with fish fully set up etc. I bought test kits and the water wasn't good so since then have been doing 25% water changes every 2-3 days. Levels are much better now. PH is 8, nitrate 35mg, and nitrite is less...

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