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  1. kaystar

    How to sex Tetras

    I have 4 tetras in my tank, one of them is very large and has been since i got him the other 3 were normal size. Ive noticed over the past 2 weeks that my Black neon tetra (one of the normal size ones) has gotten quite large in the lower part of his body. I think he is the dominant one out...
  2. kaystar

    Blind tetra

    Hello all, I hope you are all well Some of you may know the incident with the holiday food that killed all but 2 of my fish, and sadly a week later my first guppy passed away. Well my last neon tetra that survived this has a white glaze over his right eye. My partner says he think he saw...
  3. kaystar

    Help identify illness please.

    I woke up this morning to find one of my male guppys not looking to well. His tail is drooping and there is some whiteness on it. I have attached some photos they are not to clear but you can see his droopyness. Is this fin rot? I have done some water tests and all is as it should be. He is...
  4. kaystar

    Beware Of Fish Food

    I bought some Tetramin 14 day holiday food for my fish at the weekend. I put it in yesterday at 5.30 and went to bed at 10.00, all was fine. I was woken up by my dad, who turns on the tank light when he goes to work at 6. He told me that the water was all coudly and that most of my fish...
  5. kaystar


    I had three Male Guppys and sadly 1 died :'( The other two got on great and never left eachothers side, but now i only have 1 guppy :'( he has 6 neon tetras with him but he doesnt swim with them, hes on his own most of the time. Is he lonely? Do fish get lonely? Should i buy him another friend?
  6. kaystar

    Bloated Male Guppy

    Hello I will get stright to the point, one of my male guppys has a bloated stomach. I only noticed it about 5 days ago. I checked my levels and the nitrate was 50 (all others were ok) so i did a water change. He lays at the bottom of the tank, but when he swims hes sort of pointing upwards...
  7. kaystar

    Loads of Algae

    Recently ive been geting loads of augae in my tank, its been building up over the past few weeks and the fish cant seem to keep up with it. Should i clean it off myself or is it fine to leave?
  8. kaystar

    Water changes and ammonia testing

    How long after doing a WC should you wait before you can do an ammonia and nitrate tests?
  9. kaystar

    Water changes and TSS

    Helloooo, I used TSS when first got the fish about 2 weeks ago, but im nto sure when i do a water change should i put in some more TSS?
  10. kaystar

    Is my fish sick?

    Ive been looking at my male guppy and for a day or two now he has been keeping to the surface of the water, ive just been in to see him and his tail is all droopy, its like his backend is sinking and hes tryign to stay afloat. is there anything wrong with him? And anything i can do to help him...
  11. kaystar

    My fishys

    These are my 3 fishys i have. Had them for less than a week Here they are, top is Tac, left is Fraiser and right is Niles
  12. kaystar

    What fish should I get?

    Im new to the forums so HELLOOO My brother recently brought home from Uni a fish tank that is about 25 liters or 5/6 gallons. I have been looking about and I am not sure what fish we should get that would be suitable for that size tank, we have a filter (im not sure if that makes a...

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