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    10 Gal Aquarium Stocking

    Hey All, I was wondering if my 10 gallon stock plan would work. Cherry Barb x5 German Blue Ram x2 (Breeding Pair) Rubber Lip Pleco x1 (Juvenile size will be re homed at 3 - 4.5”) Feedback is appreciated, Regards
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    Scarlet Badis Stocking:

    Taking this into account, each Badis grows to a max of 0.79 inches. 0.79 x 3 = 2.35 therefore 3 scarlet badis may fit in a 2.65 aquarium
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    Scarlet Badis Stocking:

    Hey Fishlore, I have an empty 10 gallon but have no room to set it up, it has been an idea of mine for a long time to keep Scarlet Badis. I have seen many people keep this fish in 2.5 gallon tanks, and i was wondering if 2-3 Badis could suffice in a 2.65 gallon (Marina 360) Any help is...

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