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    Discus Tank Problems

    Hey guys, been a while since I have used this site but I am in need of some help. I have an algae problem for one. If i scrub it off it grows back in a couple days. It is red and green. I admit that I do not do enough water changes, but my fish are healthy and happy. It even grows out of the...
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    Discus Breeding

    My 2 discus paired off and have laid their first batch of eggs. They are guarding them very well and I really want to try breeding them successfully, but the only tank I have/can afford is a 20 gallon. I am very good on water changes and I was wondering if this tank would be sufficient for my...
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    Discus pairing off?

    My dominant blue discus fights everyone except this one it swims with all the time for the past two days. They both shiver next to eachother. Blue is male from what I have read and the red one is female....the blue one has a more of a bump on his forehead and the female has a more rounded face...
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    My new discus

    This is my first and favorite of my new discus in my 70 gallon. I have a larger white discus that does'nt look stunted but has big eyes, I got it because my girlfriend liked it and I thought it was sort of humorous. I also have a turqoise discus? a snakeskin red, and 2 others that I am not quite...
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    My 70g planted tank

    3 Discus being added tomorrow
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    Its about that time....

    My LFS has had their discus for a couple of weeks now so the healthy ones should still be there lol. My tank has been up and running for a lil over 2 months now and has been tested weekly...came out perfect each time. Here is what I want to do. add 3 discus tomorrow into my 70 gallon...let...
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    New idea came to mind/Tank Mate for Discus

    How about a roseline shark instead of an angel with my school of discus? I've seen them together a lot.
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    I have algae all over my glass. I scrub it off and the next day it is back. My water is perfect and just had it tested. I have 2 otos in there, gonna get 5 more...but why cant the two already in there get the algae off? I'm watching them eat and when they leave there is still algae there. Help...
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    Angels and discus?

    Sorry that I constantly make new threads, but I am very interested in discus and want to know as much as I can about them. I was talking to a manager of a fish store and he said that a school of discus and an angelfish would be nice in my 70g... I was planning on having my 13 tetras and 5...
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    Hole in the head

    Well, ever since I first rescued my discus it had tail rot, ich, and a little hole in the head. I have treated the ich and tail the hole in the head seems to be getting worse. My discus gets fed 4 times a day with bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, and discus pellets. I also do a...
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    New tank?

    I'm interested in saltwater. what is the price range if I want to do something very a 5 gallon. and what kind of fish can i put thinking no live rock
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    I was at the fish store today and this lady said that her old discus jumped up and hit the top of her lid..then died. I have an open top tank and I'm afraid that my future discus will jump out...any input?
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    Default photo?

    How do I make a photo appear under my name? I've been on here for a year and still can't figure it out :/
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    My tank is one month old and I have T5 lighting. I just added some plant growth fluid that supposively helps your plants...could this attribute to the near outburst of algae over night? Also, what fish/snails could get rid of the algae without killing the plants
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    Shooting Outside of El Camino Real

    Was at school today and we went on lock down because a cop was shot outside of my school. I even live in a good neighborhood haha. Helicopters still out searching for gunner. Was on lock down until about 6 p.m. Merged back to back posts. Don't forget about the EDIT key at the bottom of every...
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    Discus selection

    There are so many strains of discus that I'm not sure which ones to even begin to settle on. Any ideas on strains that look really nice? Also where can I buy them? My fear is that I wont be able to find 5 discus that I like that I'd be able to get all at the same time. And should I...
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    New 70 gallon

    I just got a new 70 gallon...water quality is fine and has been running for a week. Just put 10 rummynoses in, 2 days later 1 is dead, and 4 others wont school with the others and seem to be on the brink of death. water quality is fine...what's going on?
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    New 70 gallon

    Hey guys, before I had a 20 gallon with my one discus and yes I know it was too small, but I tried my best to keep it as healthy as possible. For xmas I got a new 70 gallon tall. What do I need to set it up? I was thinking 5 discus and some cardinals. Give me some input please, I want to do this right
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    Doin Good

    Fin rot is clear on my discus! It seemed as though he developed hole in the head when he was, but is nearly gone now? I'd say he/she is around 3 1/2 - 4 inches now. still in my 20 gallon, and likely to stay there his whole life.... will he be fine? i do water changes about every other day. well...
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    My 20 gallon with 1 discus

    My 20 gallon with 1 discus and 5 cardinals. I want some more plants...hopefully within the next week.

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