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  1. Lyfeoffishing

    Assassin Snails killed by Pond Snails

    Wow this is interesting I use to have a snail problem but have since gotten 4 assassin snails and they have since disappeared.... Also the whole copper penny thing I would be careful with some fish that lack scales (corys, loaches, ect) can't handle copper
  2. Lyfeoffishing

    10 & 15 Gallon Stocking

    Yeah I'm with Mike on no loches..... The 10 kuhlies I have in my 55 gallon often swim the whole tank 48 inches in seconds and will sometimes do it for hours on end but mostly only for 20minutes or so.... They seem to be chasing each other in a playful manner and no one has ever been hurt yet...
  3. Lyfeoffishing

    What is this in my tank?

    One of two things..... Snail poop or diatoms growing..... I would think more looks like customs but I could be wrong
  4. Lyfeoffishing

    Every single newcomer to this hobby needs to read this

    Okay that was a good read!! This needs to be stickied
  5. Lyfeoffishing

    Info on Tiger Oscar, Arowana, Bichir, Pleco and Shovelnose

    In my honest opinion if you don't have any plans for the fish leave the tank be. Yes its not practical for any of the fish inside but if you buy the tank you have to move the tank adding much more stress on the fish. Either pass up because you don't know what to do with the fish or get another...
  6. Lyfeoffishing

    Plant only tank

    IMO I would still do the water changes. Remember water changes are just to get rid of nutrients its also to add some trace nutrients back into the tank.
  7. Lyfeoffishing

    Help fill in my tank

    Chunky101 I had moss on my wood before but it just got out of hand. Maybe I'll try it again. Lobster cooker I actually had more green crypts but the other var. Took over and kicked the green ones out (weird). And I'll look into a carpet that can grow without CO2. Thanks for all the help guys!
  8. Lyfeoffishing

    Help fill in my tank

  9. Lyfeoffishing

    Help fill in my tank

    Okay so I've been away for school the past 5 months and I have let my tank go to . I let the wisteria and S. Repens get out of hand/die and next month I will be coming back home and I will be looking to fix this tank and add another tank to my collection also. Anyways I was wondering if...
  10. Lyfeoffishing

    50 gallon is slightly tipped, testing to see if it holds water. Is this okay?

    I believe it all depends on certain things. My 55 gallon is slightly raised on the right side to where I notice it when my water level drops below the trim there first. Tanks been like that for 16 months or so now with no leaks
  11. Lyfeoffishing

    Just don't understand it

    Been quite awhile since I've been on the forums here but if I'm not mistaken nitrates will rarely ever kill a fish that is healthy unless the reach unthinkable numbers (around 150). I know my 55 gallon tank stays at around 60ppm nitrates and all my fish are doing quite well for the past 16...
  12. Lyfeoffishing

    Which aquaclear filters to get?

    I have two AC 50's on my 55 gallon. Although I let my tank go down a dark road this last 4 months I haven't had any problems with flow issues at all. I,have rasbora hengli, cardinal tetras, kuhli loaches and oto cats.
  13. Lyfeoffishing

    Taming my monitor project lol

    Any more updates on her? You have really came a long way from the wild beast you started with lol
  14. Lyfeoffishing

    Diatoms coming back?

    Well how old is the tank? Most new tanks get them. Also decreasing the light actually won't help diatoms like most algea diatoms thrive in lower light. But 12hrs is long in most tank though. Diatoms were in my tank for 1-2 months and haven't seen then since.
  15. Lyfeoffishing

    What did I do right?

    Well I've had my kuhli's for about 6 weeks now and I've only seen them "glass surf" once after the first water change I did with them in the tank. The week before that water change they hid a lot and never came out besides at night. After the water change they come out all the time and are not...
  16. Lyfeoffishing

    Taming my monitor project lol

    Typical women
  17. Lyfeoffishing

    Stocking options

    The gouramis don't really fit in a SA theme and they will tear up angel fins also. Also might I suggest upping the rummyroses to 8+ at least. Don't know about geophagus although everything else seems fine.
  18. Lyfeoffishing

    Taming my monitor project lol

    That's priceless!!! She knows she wanted it but was still trying to work off the last meal before she got fat lol.
  19. Lyfeoffishing

    How long for Steroygene repens to carpet?

    Here's the pic I can find its about 2 months old and I have trimmed and had a algae out break since then. Top pic is night of introduction to tank and then bottom is four weeks later. image I mean that it does send out new plants but weirdly enough mine have grown into the middle of the...
  20. Lyfeoffishing

    How long for Steroygene repens to carpet?

    Well in my experience with S. Repens doesn't spread around much now they do bulk up and fill in but it seems they stay inside of the perimeter and grow inward not outward. I'll try and find my pic of a month span of my Lil carpet growing.

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