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    The Rats

    aww how cute are they boys or girls i have two female girls named Oreo and Snickers sweetest things ever
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    Wheeeeeee new kitten!

    I want to get a cat from abandoned animal rescue but i doubt my mom will let me i already have 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 birds, 5 fish, and 2 rats. i could give away my fish and or birds to get her maybe her name is susie
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    Can't think of a name...

    Here are some names: Puppy, Kitty, Sun Fire, Pinky, Jacky, Beauty, Choco, Kujo, Elliott, Bubbles, Blue Berry, Berry, Trickster, Max, and Snickers i could think of more if you wanted.
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    my fat cat!

    I have a cat named Elliott he is a little fat on his belly and i always make fun of him for it. When i try to give him kisses he holds his paws up and stops me lol
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    How to tell if its a female or a plakat male?

    Its a boy he has made a big bubble nest not like a female bubble nest! I am deciding to divide the tank only for one female betta! She got real aggressive after she got hurt! But the other two have not even nipped once! So I am keeping them together they look at each other but never hurt each other!
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    New Betta Addition

    Here are some name ideas: Sun Fire Blueberry Bubbles Berry Baby Rasberry Fuzzy Furry Jack Pinky Blue Baby hope i helped!
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    How to tell if its a female or a plakat male?

    yeah now i have to convince my mom to do that is the problem
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    Can you divide a 10 gallon 4 times.

    thx i will try that! I have 1 dog 1 cat 5 betta fish 3 chickens and 2 birds oh and my grandma has 2 dogs and 1 betta fish
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    Can you divide a 10 gallon 4 times.

    thx very much i will start doing that!
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    My grandma got a new betta

    It might be a while till i upload it on here caz i dont know how to get it on here but my sister does.
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    Can you divide a 10 gallon 4 times.

    i know it is the right thing. My mom refuses to go any tank over then a 10 gallon so I cant get a 20 gallon tank(which I want real bad)If i ever got her to agree how many dividers can you put in a 20 gallon?
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    Can you divide a 10 gallon 4 times.

    I wish my mom would get me a 20 gallon so i could divide but the biggest tank I will EVER get is a 10 gallon. She says she would be the one ending up cleaning it. But i might divide the 10 gallon into 3 times
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    Can you divide a 10 gallon 4 times.

    Thanks but now i will be only be able to get 3 bettas oh well it will be a while till i do that
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    My grandma got a new betta

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    Can you divide a 10 gallon 4 times.

    So each betta will have 2.5 gallons could that work? I am just thinking about it not actually doing it right now and how much are dividers?
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    i wish i could have gotten him! (pretty fish u really wanted but couldnt get...)

    Okay if she thinks that i will be killed for my love of animals! I have 1 male betta, 3 female bettas, one unknown betta, one dog, one cat, three chickens, and two birds. My grandma has two dogs and one male betta fish.
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    Should i post pics?

    of course! 1 gallon-male betta-veil tail-Sun Fire 3 gallon-male betta-veil tail-Berry 10 gallon-3 females-2 veil tails 1 crowntail- Tiffany, Violet, and Queen 1/2 gallon(not for long)-male or female?-?-Calli
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    trip to petsmart

    Between walmart, petsmart, and petco The worst to the least worse is this: Petsmart, Petco, Walmart
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    Bettas at the 99 cent store :(

    I cant believe they are doing that wats next?? A restrant? oh i did not see that they took them out that is suprising but wat did they do with the fish!?
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    New betta boy

    can u get more pics I can kind of see his beauty in the pics but they are not real good srry 1 gallon tank- Sun Fire(boy) 3 gallon tank- Berry(boy) 1/2 a gallon(for right now)-Calli(boy/girl?) 10 gallon- Tiffany, Violet, Queen(all girls)

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