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  1. JPH1970

    Dwarf Gouramis at the pet store look nice!

    The local fish store got dwarf gouramis in this week and they look nice! It's a shame that I'm maxed out on stocking. Unless I rehome the glofish tetras or danios :)
  2. JPH1970

    Ghost Shrimp Observation

    I put in 10 ghost shrimp and as expected, they're hiding. One of them is mostly white and two are partially white. They were fine when I got them from the store and when I got them home, I noticed they were turning. I'm going to attribute that to being stuck in a bag for some time. I also...
  3. JPH1970

    Monthly Filter Maintenance

    My tank has been running for one month and it's probably time to do some filter maintenance. I have a Seachem Tidal and in the filter basket, from bottom to top, I have: 1) coarse sponge 2) 2 bags of Seachem Matrix 3) 2 bags of Chemi Pure Elite 4) polishing pad. Now I haven't had an aquarium...
  4. JPH1970

    Take a picture of what's in front of you now

    My best pal
  5. JPH1970

    To those that have pothos

    I put two pothos in my aquarium last week. Both look good on the top but the roots of one seems to be melting. I'm wondering if I should toss it. Has anyone else experienced this? When I get a chance today, I'll take pictures
  6. JPH1970

    Harrisburg, PA Aquarium Clubs?

  7. JPH1970

    Bottom feeder for a tank

    If cories were not an option (school size is too big for my tank) for a bottom feeding fish, what could I use? Is there something I could add that will be happy as a single fish? Nothing bigger than 2 inches or so
  8. JPH1970

    Mystery Snails and Zucchini

    Ok I'll try this again since my last post disappeared. How long does it take mystery snails to find blanched zucchini that I have at the bottom of my tank?
  9. JPH1970

    Neon Tetra vs Lambchop Rasbora

    A local fish store has both of these fish that caught my eye. I originally thought I'd add a school of the neon tetras. I think they'd look nice with the glofish I have but then I read something here about them being fragile. These lambchops would look nice too, I think.the reddish coloration...
  10. JPH1970

    Cheesy Aquarium Decor Giveaway!

    Ok cheesy aquarium decor fans! I have one piece of aquarium decor. It is an aqueon muliti color LED flexible bubble wand. It is brand new and in original packaging. It was never opened. If you want it, all you have to do is guess my son's weight! To help you think, here's some info about...
  11. JPH1970

    Cories and gravel?

    I have gravel in my community tank and it's not rough but is it suitable for cories? I thought maybe I'd like to get some but now I'm having second thoughts It's that glofish gravel.
  12. JPH1970

    Dwarf African Frogs in a Community Tank?

    How well would the dwarf African frogs get along in a community tank? Tetras, danios, and two apistogrammas. I think my son would love seeing them
  13. JPH1970

    Long tongs for maintenance/feeding

    While doing a water change last night, I was wishing I had some long maintenance tools for those times I need to smooth out gravel, or maybe reposition plants(plastic) and decor, or pick up bits of whatever doesn't belong in there. I'd also like to be able to hold down pieces of vegetables to...
  14. JPH1970

    Single Dads?

    Single Moms get most of the attention probably because they're common. Single Dads, on the other hand, aren't. I'm a single Dad of my 2 year old(and a few months) best buddy. He's everything to me and I can imagine my life without him. Unfortunately his Mom isn't much of a Mom to him. He's...
  15. JPH1970

    Mystery Snail Disappearance

    I bought three mystery snails and I haven't seen much movement from them over the first day or so. Then suddenly, 2 of them go poof. I saw one hanging out on the right side of the tank today. I did a water change tonight and I kind of moved some stuff around and the other 2 didn't turn up...
  16. JPH1970

    How long does it take for a fish to digest food?

    This morning, I thawed out some brine shrimp under running water and added it to my aquarium. The fish went nuts. A small cluster of brine shrimp hit the bottom and within a few minutes, two of the danios gorged themselves on it and they're bellies are super full. It's gotta be uncomfortable...
  17. JPH1970

    What's this growing on pothos roots?

    I woke up this morning and saw this on the pothos' roots. I just put it in a few days ago.
  18. JPH1970

    Adding shrimp to tank

    If I buy shrimp from a local fish store, how long do I have to get them in the tank? I want to drip acclimate them but there's absolutely nowhere for me to set up the drip acclimation "station " without my 2 year old son getting after it. The only solution I can come up with is to do it after...
  19. JPH1970

    My Technicolor Tank

    While waiting for my son to wake up, this was my view
  20. JPH1970

    My Pothos "planted"in my aquarium

    I finally got around to hanging my pothos plants in my aquarium. I used some plastic zip ties and suction cup air line holders to make plant holders. I suction cupped each plant to the back of the aquarium, with the roots dangling in the water. Here's some pictures. roots are hidden...
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