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  1. Epicoz

    20 Gallon Tank Small white animals on tank walls

    I just did a water change and i noticed these small white lines on the tank walls that were moving. They are similar to appearance to small white slugs and move like animals. I haven’t added anything to my tank recently other than one assassin snail from a community tank at petco. There are...
  2. Epicoz

    20 Gallon Tank What Fish food to use

    Hello I’m switching fish food for the first time in a while and was wondering what fish food to use. I have 5 danios and a Bristlenose pleco in my 20 gallon tank. I’ve been using this food for the past three years and it’s working fine I was just wondering if there is anything better. I’m...
  3. Epicoz

    20 Gallon Tank Danio with bent spine

    I have 4 zebra danios and one of them has a bent spine. I’ve had it for 2 years and it seems in relatively good health. It seems to float a little. I think it could’ve swallowed an air bubble, but I’m not sure. It is swimming and active and I change the water every week and a half or so.
  4. Epicoz

    20 Gallon Tank Is String toxic to fish

    I just used regular string to tie down some plants and it is degrading into the water. Is this toxic to fish?
  5. Epicoz

    Are there any light compatible with lids.

    I have a topfin 20 gallon tank and just got a Nicrew light. I just realized that the lights are not comparable with the lids. Are there any lights that are good with lids or any lids taht would fit with good lights? thanks
  6. Epicoz

    20 Gallon Tank Plants not growing

    I’ve had plants in my twenty gallon tank for 2 years and they’ve never don’t that well. Currently some of the plants in there are Anubis, java moss, java fern, and others but only a few are growing ok. I do not know why this is. There are a lot of snails in there which could be a problem. The...
  7. Epicoz

    Danio looks fat and was eatin* something weird

    My danio is fat and appeared to be eating something that looked like dead fish but all of my fish are fine I might be over alarmed and I have no pics of it eating whatever it was. It’s the long finned
  8. Epicoz

    What background should I get

    I have a planted tank with little hard scale and white gravel any background recommendations.
  9. Epicoz

    Want To Buy Some background and floating plants

    I’m looking for some beginner background and floating plants for a tank with 8 hours of lighting a day and 3 pumps of thrive a week. It is a 20 gallon, but does not have eco substrate. I’m looking for plants like valks aria and Bacopa for background and any floating plants like frogbit.
  10. Epicoz

    How do I change gravel

    I want to change my gravel and am wondering the best way to do it. I tried just scooping some out with the fish inside but that kicked up a lot of stuff and stressed them out. How do I best do it. At this point I am willing to take the Out and I assume that’s the best way.
  11. Epicoz

    Fish struggling to swim down

    My leopard danio is struggling to swim down. I think it swallowed an air bubble but it could be a swimbladder problem what do I do. It seems healthy other than that. It can swim down just floats back up. I’ll do a water change today. I started running my air pump when it happened, it’s off now.
  12. Epicoz

    Replace gravel with fish inside

    I’m getting some new gravel and want to replace my gravel. I would prefer to keep the fish inside and it is a planted tank. If anyone has any experience with this it would be appreciate.
  13. Epicoz

    How Long can ich stay on plants

    I’ve had Javamoss in a container for a year. I took it out before I had ich treatment. Can I put it back in or do I have to do something first
  14. Epicoz

    Opinions on Carib Sea eco black substrate

    i want to put it over and mix it with my regular white aquarium gravel. Is there any negatives or anything i should ‘now before using it. Can I use it in a cycled tank with fish in it.
  15. Epicoz

    How can I improve my tank

    I’m not to happy with my tank. It looks ok, but I want it to look better. Changing the gravel isn’t really an option even though I hate white. I’m currently using one pump of thrive on Monday Wednesday and Friday. It is a twenty gallon and I do weekly water changes. Any tips.
  16. Epicoz

    Is it normal for danio to hang a bit near the bottom

    I have a danio with no physical traits that hangs at the bottom more than the other guys. He stays away from the pack a bit. i have two similar ones that could be like switching out at the bottom, but that wouldn’t make much sense. Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20 gallons How long...
  17. Epicoz

    Is my snail ok

    He seems weirdly out of his she’ll do I need to add calcium?
  18. Epicoz

    Fish stressed out when light is on

    My danio gets super stressed when the light turns on but my plants need it
  19. Epicoz

    Can I replace my filter material

    My filter material barely allows water to pass through can I replace it I have another one in there as well. I can’t even wash it.
  20. Epicoz

    Please help java moss

    All my java moss is dead and a lot of my plants are dying. What should I do I have java moss, Anumbis, and java fern in there and it’s all dying. I don’t give light because of algae and just started using thrive. I have a batch of good moss but it was in my tank about a year ago possibly with...
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