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    Backdrop film wants to peel

    So I am in process of building another freshwater 55 gallon tank. More details will follow as work progresses. I bought a blue backdrop film and applied it with Seaview Aquarium Background Mounting Solution. It worked great,,, except at both ends. The film wanted to peel back about 3/8" even...
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    Jumping Shrimp? Go Figure

    One of the smaller tanks I have is an Imagitarium 6.8 gallon,,, actually a nice small unit, bent corner, rimless with a glass top. I put a different powerhead in and modded the filtering a touch, and the tank now stays in great shape. This tank is home to some nice plants, some cool rocks, a...
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    55 Gallon Tank Filter Decisions.

    OK,,, so I have a shiny new 55 tank waiting to be put together. I have been wrestling for a while on the whole idea,,, and now I kinda have it narrowed down to 2 HOB filter choices. I really don't wanna go canister. #1 Choice : MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power Filter #2 Choice: Aqua...
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    Aqua Japan

    Yes I am the “newbie to this forum". However I am not new to freshwater tanks. Love Gouramis and Bettas. I have 2 community tanks now, and I'm looking seriously at Aqua Japan (30 gal). I hate being the test Guinea Pig,,,, so I'm wondering if anybody out there in forum/internet land had had...
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