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    Glofish fry colours

    I'm sure you are right; Zebra Danios are so easy to breed I'm sure somebody has done this and a whole lot more and knows the answer to my questions. I'm convinced there are people who subscribe to this site who have done it but are reluctant to go public due to the patent.
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    Glofish fry colours

    Thanks for that, my knowledge of genetics is abysmal but what you say make perfect sense, with 2 different colour glofish one of the colours is likely to be dominant compared to the other but presumably all the offspring will carry the recessive gene. What would be interesting would be to breed...
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    Glofish fry colours

    Before I ask the question, yes, I am aware that glofish are patented and breeding them leaves you open to being sued. I'm in Europe where they are banned anyway. I'm just interested to know - Glofish are genetically modified to produce the different colour strains and to glow in the dark and we...
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    Rosy Barbs - How long before eggs hatch from time of spawn?

    Just a quick query - I set up a breeding tank for my Rosy Barbs and this morning I am pretty certain they spawned, lots of chasing through the spawning mops for about an hour at first light. What is the time scale from here? How long before the eggs hatch and how long before they are...
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    20 Gallon Tank Craigslist Find: Is It Worth It?

    That's a bummer, the problem with test kits is that they only test certain parameters, there could be any number of harmful chemicals in your tap water that the test kit will not detect. The only guaranteed way is to use an RO/DI system to strip the water of everything and then remineralise it...
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    Alum powder and beneficial bacteria

    Yes, that seems like a good plan and set me thinking. I have other tanks running sponge filters that are snail-free. Perhaps it would be even better to do as you have suggested but remove all of the media and subject it to a strong bleach or alum immersion including the hoses, rinse the whole...
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    Alum powder and beneficial bacteria

    Thanks for the reply - I'm not at all keen on the copper idea, I know it is supposed to be toxic to crustaceans but from my experience that's not always the case, it doesn't do a very good job of neutralising the eggs and after a short while they are back. Likewise algaecide, Yes, it may work...
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    Alum powder and beneficial bacteria

    I've used alum before on driftwood and everything has been fine, having said that I do tend to go possibly overboard with the rinsing, probably far more than is necessary. I'm OK with the tank itself and everything that is going back in it, plants, driftwood, rocks etc, my only problem is the...
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    20 Gallon Tank Craigslist Find: Is It Worth It?

    You may not need the chiller but you can almost guarantee that somebody out there does. If you don't need it just relist it on Craigslist to get some of your costs back.
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    Alum powder and beneficial bacteria

    I am about to rescape my 100 gallon tank. I am replacing my substrate but will be reusing my driftwood, some of the plants etc. I currently have an infestation of pest snails and would like to eradicate them. I have used alum powder in the past and it is very effective; I can soak my...
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    Nerite snails and fish eggs

    I have a tank which I am about to use to breed Rosy Barbs. I currently have a couple of Nerite snails in the tank along with 4 or 5 Amano Shrimp and loads of Java Moss and Christmas Moss which hopefully the barbs will drop their eggs into. I can quite easily remove the snails and the Amano...
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    Keeping Infusoira culture going long term?

    I have two cultures on the go permanently. From starting they take about 10 days for the bacterial bloom to go and the infusoria to blossom. Depending on how much you are feeding they should be good for at least a couple of weeks after that. I start a new culture every 10 days so that I...
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    Funny What's Your Unmet Need In The Hobby?

    Mine is fairly simple really, I would like water that comes out of my tap to have a TDS reading of less than 4,600 - so high that a normal domestic RO/DI system will not work. I would like to not have to travel a mile just to get water for the weekly water change.
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    Bubble Counter Liquid

    I wouldn't know, johndirg, why don't you go there and check then when you know the answer you could report back to us all so that we all know.
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    Bubble Counter Liquid

    Or maybe a solution of potassium cyanide? Any other brilliant suggestions?
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    Bubble Counter Liquid

    I'm having problems with my CO2 system. It works fine all apart from the bubble counter, the water in the bubble counter evaporates away within a few days. I was watching a YouTube video and somebody suggested that rather than fill the bubble counter with water I could use some other liquid...
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    Goldfish Died

    As other have said, a 3 gallon tank is nowhere near big enough for a goldfish, ideally he should have 20 gallons just for himself and if you want to get a second goldfish you should be looking at 30 gallons minimum. You fish that has just died appears to have ulcers, in the majority of cases of...
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    Should I Add My Fish Yet?

    The tank that he is currently in, the 1/2 gallon - you say there is no heater, what do you have in that tank apart from water, a marimo moss ball and your one fish? If there is no filter, no substrate and no plants the only place that the beneficial bacteria have to grow is on the glass of the...
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    Stupid Mistake Probably Cost Me Fish

    Just remember, the person who never made a mistake never made anything at all. The reason some of the people here are experts is because they have made numerous mistakes and learned from them. I defy any member to come on here and say that they have never made a stupid mistake - we've all been...
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