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    Fluval Flex 15 Gallon

    Hello, I have a 15 gallon Fluval flex that I want to stock. I plan to have shrimp in the tank either Amano or Red Cherry (Leaning more towards Cherry's for breeding). I need some recommendations on a fish that won't mind a smaller tall tank and won't bother the shrimp. I think Galaxy Rasboras...
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    Additional Stocking For 15 Gallon Fluval Flex With Betta

    I'm looking for possible small fish I could pair with my Betta. I've kept cherry shrimp and harlequin rasboras with him before. The other fish never bothered him and he never bothered them, with the shrimp he chased a few here and there but eventually gave up. I have a large rock sculpture I...
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    Will This Keep My Bb Alive?

    I just got a fluval flex 15 gallon to upgrade from my 10 gallon. I don't have enough outlets right now to run my sponge filters so I placed them in the back with the back filter. I put the sponge filters against the intake so water will pass through them. Is this enough flow to keep my...
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    Can You Clean Old Tank Sand?

    I'm switching my 10 gallon for a fluval flex 15 gallon. I was wondering if it would work to clean the old sand in my current 10 gallon to re-use? The sand has gotten alittle nasty from stuff getting under the first layer. Or am I better off buying new sand and cleaning that? I have shrimp so it...
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    Switching Cories

    I am wondering what Corydoras would be suitable to switch with my Albino Corydoras that are in my 29 gallon. I have 1 dwarf gourami, 11 x-ray tetra, and 9 Albino Corydoras. I know I could do bronze as Albino are I think a different variation of bronze. Thanks for any help
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    Snail Or No Snail

    I've been helping a friend set up a 55 gallon and so far all is going good but he is having an issue with green algea. The lights are on a timer set for about 8 hours a day. The main question is what snail would be best for a tank this size? The another question is should I worry about the angel...
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    Corydoras Problems

    I have 9 Corydoras in my 29 gallon with a dwarf gourami and 11 x-ray tetras. The Corydoras I have noticed are experiencing some problems recently. First a few maybe two are losing their tail fins and some have damage to their dorsal fins. I don't know if it is water quality issues but I have...
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    Help Stock My Friends 55

    Trying to make a stock for my friend who doesn't have a fish lore account but I have brought it up before. He has a preference for angelfish which we could probably only get one as I don't think he's equipped to handle aggression but if two is possible without harming the fish he'll likely get...
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    What's Wrong With My Corydoras

    I recently noticed one my Cory cats tails looked like it was damaged and I assumed nipping but now another one has a missing middle to its tail. Some also have tips of their dorsal fins nipped or missing. I'm assuming it may be something is off in my water quality. I just preformed a water...
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    55 Gallon Stock

    I am helping a friend make a stock and thought I would come here for some help. He really likes angelfish so that was gonna be the main fish which I was thinking of mabye 1 or 2 of them. I was trying to think of what else we could put in with the angels? Maybe some bolivian Rams as I read you...
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    Replacement Fish

    In my 29 gallon I have a dwarf gourami, 11 x-ray tetra, and 9 Albino Corydoras. I am not too thrilled with the x-rays as they come off alittle under colored, not too active, and I think they may have nipped the dorsal fins of two my corys. I was wondering if anyone had a good replacement for...
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    Shrimp Tank, Growing Algae, And Holding A Cycle

    I recently bought cherry shrimp but I wasn't as ready for them as I thought when comparing them to my 29 gallon I realized the more I had the better their chance for growth and survival. So I bought a five gallon and added some of my main tanks plants and one of it's spongefilters to instant...
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    Is My Shrimp Tank Cycled

    To me the results look like they are but I just lost a shrimp acting weird and another is starting too. The shrimp I lost was swimming around,then I saw it on its side when I got closer to check if it was alive it flipped over like nothing ever happened, and not to long after that I saw it on...
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    Cory Cats Are Getting Nipped

    I have 9 Corydoras and I noticed atleast one has what appears to be nipped fins. I have a dwarf gourami and 11 x-ray tertas. I don't know who to expect but I think it may be the tetras as I noticed them being alittle more aggressive with eachother but my DG occasionally does come to the bottom...
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    What Plants For My Tank

    I want to get more plants for my tank for a more natural and less empty look. I'm not really dead set on any plants currently in the tank and I plant to move some when I get more plants. I need plants that are more than likely low to possibly medium light. I would like some floating plants or...
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    Instant Cycle

    I have a 29 gallon and I took 1 of my two sponge filters in the tank will this be enough to instant cycle my 5 gallon shrimp tank I'm setting up. The 29 gallon is fully stocked so there should be more than enough bb.
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    Salvaging A Tank

    I had to treat my divided 10 Gallon betta tank for velvet and now that copper has tainted most things in the tank I was wondering if I could save a few things and use them with even shrimp. I want to save the sponge filters, heater, and plants. I just want to know if these things will be safe to...
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    I Need Opinions

    I want to make a small 2.5 gallon or 5 gallon cherry shrimp tank so I can breed them out before putting them in my 29 gallon. I was wondering first which size to go with? Second if I add a sponge filter from my 29 gallon will that be enough filtration and bb to cycle the tank instantly and keep...
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    Shrimp After Copper?

    I am treating velvet in my divided betta tank and I was wondering what becomes tainted and will have to be changed if I ever want add shrimp? I have clay decor, plants, sand substrate, sponge filters, a make shift divider, and the tank.
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    Will My Shrimp Be Fine?

    I just recently bought 8 cherry shrimp and some weren't the largest and they're not large in general and I was wondering if I should be worried about my Dwarf Gourami eating them. I know there's always a risk but he doesn't seem that intrested in them besides the food sittimg at the bottom of...
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