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  1. Dom90

    20 gallon long stocking (possibly)...

    I know some of you saw this coming lol... I been busy getting rid of excess fish (extra male NyerereI cichlids) and some unwanted fish in the 75 gallon and stocking my 80g with 5 orandas... Next project! The "sump" that came with the 80g could make a nice tank for a community of <2" fish! Here's...
  2. Dom90

    Overheard a conversation...

    So I was at Petsmart today to go look at their goldfish stock when I overheard a conversation... I guess a fish had died and a lady brought it back for a refund. The employee checked the water. Employee: How big is your tank? Lady: 10 gallons Employee: how many fish you have in it? Lady: 8...
  3. Dom90

    Saw this big fella at LFS...

    Sorry pics are a little dark
  4. Dom90

    Heater for Outside Tank

    Ok so my 80 gallon tank is going to be outside in the yard under a patio. Normally I know you don't need heaters for goldfish tanks but since this tank is outside and temperatures can drop down to as much as 45 degrees in the winter time, I think I need a heater. All my other tanks run Aqueon...
  5. Dom90

    Need some info about goldfish..

    So as some of you know, I recently setup a 80 gallon tank that started cycling with Stability this morning. The wife won't allow anymore tanks inside the house so this one will be outside in the yard under a patio. Anyway, let's get down to the stocking. First off, I'm running a FX6, and for...
  6. Dom90

    Finnex Planted Plus 48"

    Recently upgraded to a Finnex Ray 2 so I no longer need the Planted Plus. Bought it off Amazon for $146 (135+tax)a and used it only for about three weeks. Excellent condition! $100+ shipping, OBO.
  7. Dom90

    True GPH of the Fluval FX6

    Ok so what is it? Some sites I have seen say 563, others say 900. The Fluval website says Pump output 925 GPH but flow rate 563 GPH. I'm so confused.
  8. Dom90

    MTS Strikes Again...

    So I was scouring Craigslist ads again this morning (big UH OH) and found a 80g tank and stand for $100... Check out this conversation I had texting with the wife... (For those of you who missed the joke, she meant "Multiple Tank Syndrome" when she said MTS, but I acted like she was talking...
  9. Dom90

    Amano shrimps or Nerites

    I know both shrimp and snails have a very low bioload but... How many of each could I safely stock in a 29 gallon without going over the bioload? Just inverts, no fish.
  10. Dom90

    TSS and Stability together?

    Is it my understanding that these two products contain different strains of beneficial bacteria that effectively do the same thing (metabolize ammonia and nitrite)? So has anyone tried using these two products together and seen the results? Or would it just be wasteful and redundant?
  11. Dom90

    Used Tank for Sale

    So this guy is selling a "Brand new 60 gallon tank"... but if you look at the photo in the ad, the picture was from 2010... so does he think people are dumb or can't read? The kind of scams people will pull to sell stuff... simply amazing..
  12. Dom90

    New Life Spectrum Cichlasoma

    Would prefer not to feed HikarI Massivore Delite to my flowerhorn as they usually contain a lot of fillers in their foods.So I happened upon this formula while looking up what other foods are out there for monster cichlids. Tried to look around for a guaranteed analysis and ingredient listing...
  13. Dom90

    New Flowerhorn Cichlid!

    Ok so I was supposed to take a break from buying anymore fish but... I just couldnt help myself and I been wanting this fish for awhile now... so on Saturday, my brother-in-law and I went fish shopping (Uh oh!) and we brought this monster home! It's currently staying in the 40 Breeder. I moved...
  14. Dom90

    Is it cruel? Feeder Fish

    Just wondering if using feeder guppies and feeder goldfish and "excess" livebearers to feed your bigger fish as live food, is considered a cruel practice? You're basically killing lives. (Hope I didn't open up a can of worms lol)
  15. Dom90

    29 Gallon Predator tank possible?

    Ok so over the weekend, I sold off six of the Pelvicachromis Taeniatus that I had been keeping. Let's just say I didn't get as much as I wanted but I did make some money. Anyway, I wanted some out-of-the box ideas since it's empty right now. Pending on whether I get some good ideas, I may or...
  16. Dom90

    Cost of plecos..

    Just wondering why the cost of plecos is so high? Vampire plecos for $25 or more, Royal plecos for $30, seen a snowball for $59.99, some others going for as much as $79.99, why lol... Cheapest I found were some small commons for $3.99
  17. Dom90

    New Ram

    It's been in here less than 24 hours and it's already coloring up. Glad to see it's not really stressed out.
  18. Dom90

    New pleco

    Ok so I got an albino BN from my friend who was quitting the hobby a few days ago. They do a good job sucking algae off the walls! The SAEs do also but they don't really have sucker mouths. So now I'm finally joining the pleco bandwagon... So much that I got a very tiny BN pleco from PetSmart...
  19. Dom90

    Finnex Ray 2 vs AquaRay GroBeam 600

    It's my understanding that both of these light fixtures are in the medium to high light range. Just curious if anybody has the Ray 2 and how is working for them? I know Dadio has the GroBeam and he swears by it. Just wanted more opinions. The Ray 2 just seems a lot more accessible as I can just...
  20. Dom90

    Dwarf Gourami Passed Away...

    This morning during feeding time, I did my usual fish count. Everyone was present except the dwarf gourami. I searched and eventually found him in a bunch of water sprite.
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