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  1. gregoranddexter1816

    Male platy bullying female

    I have 3 female platies and 1 male at the moment. For a few weeks I've noticed one female has been getting chased and bullied by the male. Ive watched carefully to make sure she wasn't losing any weight and making sure she ate. I noticed it started right after she gave birth. Im not sure what to...
  2. gregoranddexter1816

    Cataracts in betta fish? Or Bac/fungal infection?

    Not sure what it is. He could use a little immune boost from some medication from recovering from fin rot and age. But today one of his eyes looked off. Not poped out or anything. But it looked similar to when he had Popeye in Febuary and he was healing from it. Hes in a 5 gallon tank currently...
  3. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon tank stocking check

    currently have: 4 platy 4 ghost shrimp 1 mystery snail 1 platy fry (i do no plan to keep more than this one fry) I would like to add a centerpiece fish. I was thinking a Dwarg Gourami? Theyre gorgeous and seem to be perfect to finish off this tank and I checked my tank stock with a calculator...
  4. gregoranddexter1816

    20 gallon stocking

    My 10 gallon tank from petsmart started a leaking so i went out and bought myself a 20 gallon (since it was on sale and id get a full refund on the 10 gallon). But now I feel like I'm going to be super understocked. currently i have: - 1 mystery snail - 4 ghost shrimps - 4 sunburst platies...
  5. gregoranddexter1816

    AquaClear HOB filter?

    I saw a few videos on this filter and really enjoy the fact it comes as a '3 stage filtration' filter. With a lot of room to personalize your filtration needs. I currently have a 10 gallon topfin tank with the topfin silenstream 10 power filter. there's not much room in it for 3 stage...
  6. gregoranddexter1816

    Anyone Tried Alder Cones?

    SunGrow claims that they prevent fungal infections. However they are super expensive and I'm on a budget with my fish keeping (I mean with extra things not with anything i seriously need). I already use almond leafs and i enjoy them in both of my tanks. But i am trying to breed some ghost shrimp...
  7. gregoranddexter1816

    Platys not eating!

    I got 4 platies yesterday and the only thing that they ate was frozen bloodworms. I soaked lettuce in garlic minced oil and water and they didnt care. And i tried betta fish food and ive tried flakes. Nothing.
  8. gregoranddexter1816

    Fish-in cycle tempurature?

    Current readings for day 1 of cycle: Tank is a 10 gallon TopFin tank with the Silenstream 10 power filter Ammonia: 0.25-0.50 (added 2 drops of Prime to be safe. I can always do a little water change if ammonia gets too high) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: near 0/ very low To cycle I am using: Cycled...
  9. gregoranddexter1816

    10 gallon tank stocking update

    I have narrowed down my search. Currently there is 1 mystery snail and going to be 5 ghost shrimp/amano shrimp (haven't decided which) I plan on either adding 4 fancy guppies (with plans to breed a couple times) 2 mollies (dalmation) or 4 neon tetras I don't plan on breeding the fish too...
  10. gregoranddexter1816

    NEW 10 gallon tank stocking ideas!

    I JUST went to the store and bought a 10 g tank. my biggest yet! Im so so excited. I know I need to cycle the tank which i am doing properly as I have done it before. I have plants and 2 decoration in the tank (thick gravel too). BUTTT I want to know some good stocking ideas. So far I am just...
  11. gregoranddexter1816

    Whats on Betta Fish Gill?

    My betta does have cataracts and it is not anything I'm worried about. Doesnt affect his sight on ly his depth perception but he is adjusted to it very well. However this morning before i did my water change I saw this on his gill. It might be from hurting himself because of the sight issue and...
  12. gregoranddexter1816

    Betta fish with cataract?

    I really really don’t think my betta fish has diamond eye. In person it looks like some white over his pupil except for a small small small hole that lets him see through. I think it may be a cataract or soemthing of that sort. Perhaps it’s jsut the first stages of diamonds eye but I keep...
  13. gregoranddexter1816

    Whats wrong with my fishes eye?

    Ill do a water parameter test and update you
  14. gregoranddexter1816

    Changing decorations in cycled tank

    I have a 5gallon freshwater tank with 1 betta fish. It is lightly planted. Im getting tired of my current decor and wanting to change to something else. Is there a best way to do this? My current one decoration is a fake tree but I have a really beautiful barrel decoration that I wanted to add...
  15. gregoranddexter1816

    Is this a flat worm?

    This white worm is crawling on the side of my tank. This is a 2gallon tank with 1 mystery snail and two shrimps. I know the little floating white worms in the substrate but I'm concerned this is a flat worm. if so, what can I do about it?
  16. gregoranddexter1816

    Suggestions for 40 g tank and filters

    Hello. I started this hobby in August of 2019. Ive made lots of mistakes but I've learned so much too. I really love this hobby. Currently I have a 5 gallon tank (by Topfin so I'm sure it'll break soon) with 1 lovely betta who started this all. I have a 2 gallon with 1 snail and 2 shrimp (also...
  17. gregoranddexter1816

    Snail and shrimp tank with high ammonia nitrite and nitrate!

    2 gallon tank with 1 snail and 1 shrimp (used to be two but the other one was moved because it stopped eating) I did a water change of about 25% like my usually weekly changes. Heres the readings after the water chnage Amonia: 0-0.25 ppm Nitrite: -.50 ppm Nitrate: 20 ppm Im not sure why this...
  18. gregoranddexter1816

    Cycled Tank with ammonia spike? Help find the cause

    I did a 40% (ish) water change today. I was just testing my tank after I did the water change and here's the readings Ammonia: between 0.25 and 0.5 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: between 0 and 5ppm PH: 7-7.5 The tank is a 5 gallon lightly planted tank. There is 1 betta fish who gets fed 1 maybe 2 times a...
  19. gregoranddexter1816

    Ghost shrimp missing legs?

    I know I have one male and one female ghost shrimp. I think somehow the female lost her legs or is dying because shes not eating and not moving much and the other shrimp will come right over when i drop food in. I don't see much if anything in her digestive tract. Not sure what the best thing to...
  20. gregoranddexter1816

    How do you make freeze dried bloodworms sink?

    Ok so my mystery snai land one of my ghost shrimp show little interest in anything but bloodworms. I do provide them with a complete diet with algae, other fish food, shrimp food, and calcium. But they always go for bloodworms. Is there any way i can make them sink without having them completely...
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