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    Hi, guys!

    HI everyone. I logged in to see how people are doing. My fish tank is fine. We were gone for 9 days and I left 2 dozen ghost shrimp in the tank. Got back and the ghosties are gone. My fish are all fine. That vacation feeding method has now worked for me twice, so thanks, Jaysee...
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    Favorite Christmas/Seasonal Carols?

    What are your favorite carols? Mine: Most - Little Drummer Boy, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, The Dreidel Song from South Park Least - White Christmas
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    Favorite Candy

    What's your favorite candy? I'm sitting here eating Dots (the little gumdrops in the yellow box) ---- mmmmmmm.
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    Nine days without feeding fish?

    Is nine days too long to go without feeding the fish? (I have little tropical ones.)
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    Game: Answer this question

    Current question: If you were a fish, would you rather live your life in the wild or in an aquarium? Rules: Answer the question posed in this post. I'll ask a new one as needed, always in this first post. Your answers can be serious, funny, outlandish, creative, long, short... whatever...
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    Fish you will not own

    What fish will you not own? Obvious answer: monster fish that don't really belong in aquaria. What else? Mine: Danios. Maybe guppies too.
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    30 goldfish

    Someone on my writing site just announced happily that he won 30 goldfish at the fair today. :shock:
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    I just left my LFS with my four new female cherry barbs and noticed that they have a new acquisition. A tank full of colored tiger barbs. Looked like injected albinos, multi-colored.
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    What are your favorite games?

    Okay, Fishlore, what are your favorite games? Card, board, video, tabletop RPG... anything goes as long as it is FL-appropriate. Mine are: Fluxx Oblivion (PS3) The Sims (PC) (older) Dungeon Siege (way older) Jagged Alliance (PC)
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    Lack of honesty

    I've seen this from time to time, but recently, I've seen it a bit more frequently. People aren't always honest with their information when they ask for advice. Does it matter to you guys? I have to admit that it drives me a little nuts. I feel like if you want to ask for advice, at least...
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    Is ich ever-present or not??

    It's something I've seen come up a couple of times this past week or so, so I thought I'd bring it up in its own thread. Is ich always present in tanks or not? says it's a myth. says it's true. Does anyone know?
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    Project Runway

    I knoooooooow the last 2 seasons have been substandard for them. But is anyone else excited? It starts Thursday, and I can't wait! And....there's no "model walking down the runway" smiley.
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    Bettas in community tanks

    Okay, guys. Per the mods (Ken) I'm allowed to post this poll. It has to stay "poll only" or the thread gets shut down. No replies, no explanantions, no discussion. Voting only.
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    Why have a dumb policy?

    Lucy just mentioned in another thread that Walmart has a policy to only take back dead fish. What's up with that? They give you a bunch of bad advice and then, when you want to rectify the situation, they won't let you?!
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    30 Gallon Tank Jaysee would appreciate stocking suggestions (hex tank)

    Jaysee is considering moving around some of his stock, which will leave him with an empty 30 gallon hex tank. It is 25 inches tall, and has an 18 inch diameter. He asked me to open a thread asking for stocking suggestions. He'd like to try fish that are not already in his (many) tanks. He...
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    Song lyrics

    Song lyrics (inspired by Elodea) A few days ago, my signature was lyrics from the Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars song "Billionaire", and Elodea sent me a PM suggesting FL lyrics... so here goes: True lyrics: I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad, Buy all of the things I never had. I...
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    Thinking about moving

    Help me figure out which fishlorian to move near! I'm leaning toward Carol.
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    Help with my stock please?

    Okay, it's been pointed out to me that if I ask my stocking questions on the public forum, it may help other members. Quick background that most of you already know: I got sick shortly after setting up my tank last year, and was unable to care for it. My husband did what he could, but what...
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    How do you clean your hands before you put them in your tank?

    We started talking about this, but I didn't want to completely hijack the other thread. How should you clean your hands before putting them in your tank? I assume that washing with soap is a bad idea? I just scrub mine with water, but I don't always remember to do even that much.
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    A thought on why you shouldn't overstock...

    This is cute!
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