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  1. JChoh

    40 gallon tank (fancy goldfish stocking info wanted)

    In a weeks time I’ll be going out to fill an only fancy goldfish in my new tank that I’ll cycle soon. The tank is 30in L x 22in H x 12in W. I’m wondering what’s the minimum or maximum amount of fancy goldfish, more specificity the common fantail, without any other tank mates.
  2. JChoh

    A single fry from assuming platy

    I spotted one small fry, when I was feeding my fish aquarium, I looked and didn’t see any others. I couldn’t pin point which female popped the fry, soon put both females into a net on top of the fry container so if any more would fall thru the larger holes of the net. This came to me as a...
  3. JChoh

    Unknown mounts on my plants

    I looked under the leaf of one of the aquarium plants and saw small dark brown patches that are made up of tiny spheres. I don’t know if it’s a disease or a illness with my plants even tho they look healthy. Definitely not snail or fish eggs, because I’ve seen the clear eggs my pond snail and...
  4. JChoh

    Cloudy Eye

    One I my fish had received a injury while moving from one tank to the other and it’s eye started turning a cloudy white. Do these things eventually go away or is this permanent for life?
  5. JChoh

    Live bearers

    I have a ratio of 7 females and 1 male mosquito fish. I know that most will say for live bearers a good ratio is 1-3 or 1-4 but is 7 too much for the male to keep on breeding?
  6. JChoh

    Moving fish the least stressful way

    I planning to move in a month to a house l a hour from my original house. I wanna be able to move all my fish safely without any of them dying of stress from netting and moving them there. Has anyone had experience moving fish is so are there tips?.
  7. JChoh

    Odd white sprouts

    I’ve noticed this past week that tiny white sprouts have been growing the caves where my Rainbow Shark lives. Does anyone know if it’s a moss or mold that I have to clean?
  8. JChoh

    When can you tell a pregnant platy is soon to pop?

    I recently bought a hatchery net for my 45 gallon tank. I’ve been observing one female that’s been aggressive during feeding times. As the other females don’t look as bloated as her. I’m pretty sure that she’s carrying eggs due to her huge belly. I’m wondering what signs I should look out for...
  9. JChoh

    Golden White Cloud Minnows

    I have a small school of Golden Clouds in my aquarium. I’m wondering is there a way to tell the male and female apart from each other.
  10. JChoh

    Is it better to get algae snails in numbers or alone in a 10 gallon?

    Is it better to get algae snails in numbers or alone in a 10 gallon?
  11. JChoh

    What fish are the easiest the breed?

    Ever since my bronze corydoras breed I’ve been excited every time I see eggs on the glass wall. The past few days I’ve been trying to find fish that will be easiest to breed and available in local stores. I’ve heard livebearers are the quickest fish to make babies. What are the other options...
  12. JChoh

    Female or Male betta?

    Are female bettas better for the community fish and snails than male bettas?
  13. JChoh

    Stocking Idea for 10 gallon(lightly planted) with (new) betta

    I’m planning to stock a standard 10 gallon tank. I want a center piece fish (betta) with a small livebearer school. I’m wondering what options I can put with small betta?. As I don’t want any eaten fish.
  14. JChoh

    Fat or Pregant?

    I have a question about a bloated platy in my 45 gallon tank. I’ve noticed my sunburst wag tail platy has gotten bigger in stomach than the rest of them. I don’t know what a pregnant or bloated platy looks like or when I should put it into a separate tank. I do have orange-yellow male platy with...
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