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  1. Gameynerd23

    Snail for a 5.5g?

    Hello, I have a 5.5g tank. I had one Mystery Snail in there before, but it's moved to a new tank. I'm wondering if a single Rabbit or Chopstick Snail could live in that size tank for its whole life. Thanks for the help!
  2. Gameynerd23

    Gold Dojo Loach Size

    Hello, I have three Gold Dojo Loaches and they're all 6 inches or smaller, not by much, though. I also have two brown Dojo Loaches and they're both 7-9 inches long. I'm wondering if the size differences is because of age (I hot the Gold Dojos when they were super little) and the Golds will grow...
  3. Gameynerd23

    Is my Bristlenose Pleco a male or female?

    When I got the pleco, I was told it was female, but now I'm curious if that's right or not. I still kinda think it's a female, but I'd like confirmation. Thanks!
  4. Gameynerd23

    5 Gallon Tank Mystery Snail Tank Layout

    Hello, I have a 5.5g tank with one Mystery Snail in it. The Snail is all that's going to live there. I'm looking into redoing the tank, as it's a bit of a mess rn. I know I'm going to replace the sand with some planted substrate, but should I only do the planted substrate or layer sand on top of...
  5. Gameynerd23

    20 Gallon Tank Pandas or Pygmys

    Hello, I have a 20g long that is going to have 4 male Honey Gouramis in it. I'm curious which species of Cory would be best for the tank with this stocking. Panda Corys or Pygmy Corys? I'd like to do a group of 16. I'm leaning towards Pygmy Corys, but I love the appearance of Panda Corys, so...
  6. Gameynerd23

    Is this a Common Pleco

    Hello, this is a family member's pleco. Is it a common one or some other type? Please let me know. It's in a 20g high tank and if it's a common pleco, then we need to surrender it somewhere before it gets too big. Sorry the picture isn't the best.
  7. Gameynerd23

    75 Gallon Tank Dojo Loaches and Neon Tetras

    Hello, I have a 75 gallon tank with this stocking: 5 Dojo Loaches (the largest is probably 10" and the smallest is probably 5") 12 Emerald Corys (Brochis Splendens) 15 Danios I currently have 8 Neon Tetras in a 20g long (I'm planning on getting more soon) and I'm thinking about moving them...
  8. Gameynerd23

    20 Gallon Long Bottom Dwellers

    Hello, I have a 20g long tank with this stocking: 2 male Honey Gouramis 16 Neon Tetras 4 Mystery Snails I'm looking for a good bottom dweller that will be happy In a group of 8. I keep the water temp at 76-77 degrees farenheit, have gravel at the bottom, and run two sponge filters. I've...
  9. Gameynerd23

    10 Gallon Tank How Frequently Should I do Water Changes

    Hello, I have two ten gallon tanks with one male betta and two Mystery snails in each one. I also have a 5.5 gallon tank with one Mystery Snail in it. I've been doing weekly, 25% water changes on all three of them, but I'm curious if I should switch to bi weekly water changes. Thanks for the help!
  10. Gameynerd23

    75 Gallon Tank Danio Problems

    Hello, I have a 75 Gallon tank with this stocking currently: 5 Dojo Loaches 12 Emerald Corys (Brocbis/Corydoras Splendens) Around 15 or so Zebra Danios My school of Zebra Danios used to be a lot bigger, but it's been dwindling ever since I added them. Most of them were/are glofish, so I think...
  11. Gameynerd23

    55 Gallon Tank Badly Pineconed Betta

    Hello, I just now noticed this female Betta who has severely pineconed. It's dropsy, right? Is it best to just euthanize her at this point? She's not moving at all, so will she die soon anyway without oxygen from the surface?
  12. Gameynerd23

    10 Gallon Tank Mystery Snail Eggs?

    Hello, I was about to do my water change on one of my 10 gallon tank and I noticed this thing. Are they Mystery Snail Eggs? Thanks!
  13. Gameynerd23

    Sponge or Canister in a 125g

    Hello, I'm just curious if you could run sponge filters effectively in a 125g tank. Like, if the 125 had a lot of small fish that aren't strong enough swimmers to withstand the output flow of the canister filter, then could a some BIG sponge filters work? I know you could also do HOB filters...
  14. Gameynerd23

    Best Food for a Betta Sorority

    Hello, I'm starting a Betta sorority in my 55g community tank. I'm wondering what food I should feed all those bettas. I was thinking plain Betta pellets, but I have sponge filters running, so the surface of the water has a lot of movement. I also have Ember Tetras in the tank and they get fed...
  15. Gameynerd23

    Best Place toBuy Bettas Online

    Hello, I'm looking into starting a Betta Sorority and I haven't had any luck finding groups of female Bettas in my area, so I'm considering buying them online. This will be my first time buying fish online and I was curious if anyone had any online stores to recommend. I'm also wondering how...
  16. Gameynerd23

    55 Gallon Tank Betta Sorority Community Tank

    Hello, I just got a female Betta for my 20g long tank, but getting her got me thinking about Betta Sororities. I have a 55g community tank with this stocking: 2 Male Honey Gouramis 2 Bristlenose Plecos 12 Black Kuhli Loaches 12 Assassin Snails 24 Ember Tetras 12 Otocinclus My two Honeys are...
  17. Gameynerd23

    Small, Peaceful Centerpiece Fish

    Hello, I'm curious if there's a small, peaceful centerpiece fish that can be kept in pairs without issue. They'd be going in a 20g long with neon tetras, African Dwarf Frogs, and Mystery Snails. The water where I live is kinda hard (around 7.4) and the water temperature is at 75 degrees...
  18. Gameynerd23

    20 Gallon Tank Bolivian Ram Garden Tank

    Hello, I have a 20g long tank and I'm trying to decide what to stock it with. I've considered a small community tank with African Dwarf Frogs, Neon Tetras, and Mystery Snails and a Pea Puffer tank, but I've had another idea as well. My thought now is a pair of Bolivian Rams and a school of Neon...
  19. Gameynerd23

    Stocking Questions

    Hello, I have a new 20g tank. I'm planning to have some ADFs, some Mystery Snails, some Neon Tetras, and one Centerpiece fish. I have Bettas right now, so I am open to getting one for the centerpiece, but I'm worried about aggression, so could you recommend some centerpiece fish for a 20g long...
  20. Gameynerd23

    20 Gallon Tank Succulent Themed Tank Stocking

    Hello, I'm setting up a tank for my ADFs (20g long). I was originally going to make it a Quarantine Tank and ADF Tank in one, but the ADFs have taken priority, so no QT right now, but hopefully soon. Anyway, I really like the look of black/white/grey colored fish living at the bottom around the...
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