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  1. JayAlva

    How to break apart driftwood for natural look

    Step on it nothing more natural than that.
  2. JayAlva

    What is the average people spend on a tank?

    This is such a variable. I just recommend buying what you want off the bat. I learned of usually go with something budget friendly. Not even bad quality but it wasn't what I really wanted, and I'd end up buying the original item I really wanted. So when I setup a tank now I just purchase the...
  3. JayAlva

    Who's the boss in your tank?

    This guy bullies everyone
  4. JayAlva

    My builds

    Water change day.
  5. JayAlva

    My builds

    They're prefilters on aquaclear 110s but i changed the sponge that came with it to a coarser sponge so it never clogs and also has beneficial bacteria. I think i last gave it a squeeze 3 months ago. Before that weekly maintenance was necessary.
  6. JayAlva

    My builds

    I don't mind sharing even if they're unconventional. I get inspiration from you guys and just add my twist to it.
  7. JayAlva

    Starting A 125 Discus Tank.

    Beautiful coloring
  8. JayAlva

    My builds

    Wanted to keep all my aquariums in one thread so i started a new one just to add all my tank pictures. Tore down a 5 gallon and scaped a 10 gallon quickly today to get Max space out of my stand. The 20 long with 10 gallon on the bottom 20 long has 12 chili rasboras 12! Espei Rasboras and 20...
  9. JayAlva

    Should I switch to the Aquaclear30 hob

    I'm running 2 aquaclears on my discus tank. A fluval 207 canister on my bow front. And 2 oase internal filters on a 20 long and 10g. Aquaclear might not be the fanciest but it's my favorite. The oase internal filters coming in 2nd. The simplicity of the aquaclear line is what always keeps me...
  10. JayAlva

    Vishaquatics Plant Review 4-27-2021

    Great set up. The plants looks to be very good quality.
  11. JayAlva

    Discus In My 125.

    It's actually a blue snakeskin it was blue for a few days when I brought it home but after they all quarantined and got together it just lost color and never became assertive.
  12. JayAlva

    Discus In My 125.

    Beautiful tanks and fish room! I got one in my tank that's the same brown it's never colored up since after the first days i brought it home just accepted it as the ugly duckling. It eats and behaves fine it just doesn't get color. I thought because it was the weakest one in the pecking order.
  13. JayAlva

    Lonely Angelfish

    Rummy nose tetra, cardinal or neon tetras
  14. JayAlva

    20 gallon shrimp build

    Added some lamb chop rasbora to my shrimp tank. Really wanted chili rasbora but they seem to be extremely hard to get locally. Aquaflora decorations started to sprout.
  15. JayAlva

    Dead mystery snail shells warning.

    When my mystery snails die i usually clean the shell out and leave the shell as a decoration. Today i was looking at my aquarium and found a dead panda cory inside the shell it managed to get stuck in the curled part of the shell. I didn't even think that it's something that could happen...
  16. JayAlva

    Setup another tank...

    Nice setup what type of fry are going in there?
  17. JayAlva

    Powerheads vs air stones

    Depends on how much water movement you want to have some fish need very slow flow, i would use an air stone for that because you can regulate the ammount of air with a valve.
  18. JayAlva

    Madagascar Cichlid dither fish

    Thanks Mac, I've had it a month, i wasn't looking to buy a fish but I've always wanted one of these so kind of threw it into an aquarium I use to keep my cycled stuff in. I'll be trying to make a better Aquarium for it. As i move some stuff around.
  19. JayAlva

    What Kind of Background for my Tank?

    I moved away from 3D backgrounds as well and have been going with window vinyl. Love that I can have it different colors if i want to change it.
  20. JayAlva

    75 gallon build journey

    After a water change they were all lined up waiting for food.
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